How Neil Gaiman Feels About Sandman Losing Joseph Gordon-Levitt
Just when it looked to be rolling along, the adaptation of Sandman hit a major speed bump when it lost star and director Joseph Gordon-Levitt. Here's how comic writer Neil Gaiman feels about the loss.
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So, What Happened With The Guillermo Del Toro And Neil Gaiman Marvel Movie?
A new Tweet from writer Neil Gaiman sheds more light on the abandoned Doctor Strange film that would have seen him team up with director Guillermo del Toro.
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Johnny Depp And Edgar Wright Are Teaming Up For An Amazing Project
Johnny Depp and Edgar Wright, both known for their work on unique and fan-friendly projects, are teaming up to work on an adaptation of a book from one of the world's best storytellers.
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Neil Gaiman's Neverwhere Is Becoming A TV Show, Get the Details
Neil Gaiman is a popular man in Hollywood these days. His novel American Gods is on track over at Starz, while Joseph Gordon-Levitt is still working toward getting Sandman on screen. Now he has another property looking at becoming a TV series.
How Neil Gaiman Will Be Involved In The American Gods Show
American Gods is officially moving forward over at Starz, and while the series hasn’t signed on any big names to act, yet, the drama did add a huge name over the weekend. Reports indicate that Neil Gaiman, will actually be involved with the Starz program.
American Gods Has Been Picked Up To Series By Starz
While comic book fans wait with bated breath to see if Joseph Gordon-Levitt will ever get his Sandman adaptation off of the ground, we now know that Neil Gaiman's American Gods has been ordered to series by Starz.
Neil Gaiman Perfectly Responds To Petition To Stop Lucifer
Apparently Sandman just can’t catch a break. The movie that has been in development hell for years is still there, and now the one character from that world making it off the comic page, Lucifer, is dealing with a petition to keep him off the air. And Sandman creator Neil Gaiman’s response is perfect.
Forget Joseph Gordon-Levitt! Here's Who Neil Gaiman Wants For Sandman
Neil Gaiman's Sandman was first published by Vertigo back in 1989 and apparently he's spent the years since imagining who would be the right actor to play his lead character, Morpheus, in a film adaptation.
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Robin Williams And Johnny Depp Wanted To Make This Demonic Movie Together
Gilliam was hot to reteam with Williams, wanting him to headline Good Omens alongside Johnny Depp. But this was never to be.
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Steven Spielberg Teaming With Neil Gaiman For A Hansel And Gretel Movie
In 2013, Gary Sanchez Productions brought us Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters, an R-rated take on the classic fairy tale about lost children drawn to a cabin made of candy. Though critically scorned (for the most part), we're awaiting a sequel from this Jeremy Renner/Gemma Arterton vehicle. But Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters 2 could face stiff competition thanks to Steven Spielberg.
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American Gods Series Being Developed By Bryan Fuller And Starz
Starz has proven its eternal worth by announcing a script to series order for Neil Gaiman's masterful 2001 novel American Gods, with none other than Hannibal creator Bryan Fuller penning the script, and Michael Green (Green Lantern, Kings) serving as showrunner.
Neil Gaiman's American Gods May Actually Become A TV Series
It’s no surprise that Neil Gaiman's simpler texts like Coraline and Stardust have been made, while complicated epics like The Sandman and Good Omens sit around waiting. FremantleMedia North America, most notable for a long string of reality TV series, is the most recent company to try their hand at turning Gaiman’s 2001 novel American Gods into a long-form drama. Make. This. Happen.
Joseph Gordon-Levitt Wants The Sandman Movie To Be Spectacular For All The Right Reasons
Gordon-Levitt turned quite a few heads couple of months ago when he was rumored to be directing and starring in a big screen adaptation of the classic comic series The Sandman, made most famous during Neil Gaiman’s masterful run with the character.
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Joe Wright To Direct Adaptation Of Neil Gaiman's The Ocean At The End Of The Lane
Even though we’ll probably never see a proper Sandman film, fans of author Neil Gaiman have been pretty spoiled in recent years, with Stardust, Mirrormask and Coraline adaptations all getting time on the big screen...
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The Graveyard Book Gets Resurrected As A Live Action Film, Ron Howard In Talks To Direct
Coraline, the 2009 stop-motion animated film from director Henry Selick based on the book by Neil Gaiman, is an absolutely brilliant film. In addition to being almost excessively beautiful, the film contains many rich, complex and important themes while also perfectly blending comedy and horror tones. Selick and Gaiman proved that they were a match made in heaven...
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See And Buy Concept Art For That Sandman Movie That Never Happened
Created by comic book artist Jill Thompson, these striking watercolors unveil the winding tale of Morpheus, the Lord of Dreams, whose adventures fold in familiar figures from ancient mythology, fairy tales and DC comics. See who you can spot.
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Tweet Blend: Jim Gaffigan's Cylon Baby, George Takei Counts Groceries
Remember Bow Wow? Whatever happened to that guy? Well he, like many other low-level celebrities exist in all their splendor on the isle of Twitter, airing their thoughts, ideas, and grievances with whoever is still listening to them. Diablo Cody says weird things, this Andy Milonakis guy usually makes me laugh, and Peter Sagal seems like an intellectual. Without Twitter, how would we know what Penn Jillette is thinking every moment of the day? Exactly. Let's all take a moment to drop a tweet thanking Twitter for rescuing us from MySpace and tumblr.
Tweet Blend: George Takei Passes Snookie, Donnie Wahlberg Is A Motivational Speaker
Donnie Wahlberg is the most upbeat male on Twitter; I would say he is the most upbeat person on Twitter, but Kirstie Alley may have him beat out on that particularly annoying award. He begins every day with "RISE AND GRIND" and is continually finding ways to "lift up" his followers. Clearly, some people are into that. Other people enjoy reading about Simon Pegg's dietary restrictions or Russell Brand's cat; to each their own. Also, these names are hyperlinked, go follow George Takei; he deserves it, he is a seriously funny man, sarcastic man
Tweet Blend: Mark Cuban Sleeps With Trophy, Donald Glover Loses Afro Pick
Twitter is best known for giving users an outlet to let their followers know when they've releived themselves, but sometimes it's about something much bigger than that. We've seen that during the protests in the middle east over the past year, the killing of Osama Bin Laden, and, well, the NBA Finals. Twitter has a way of extracting what people are thinking and feeling at any given moment.
HBO And Tom Hanks Bringing Us Neil Gaiman's American Gods
Once again, HBO is stepping up to the plate and taking on a ridiculously ambitious project and, in light of their success rate, I couldn't be more excited. When handling a 'geek property' you must always tread with care but with HBO's stellar track record I feel like this project is in good hands. The project? It's some pretty exciting news for Neil Gaiman fans...

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