10 Terrifying Movie Haunted Houses We'd Never Spend The Night In
Writer/director Guillermo del Toro will be unleashing his own vision of the gothic haunted house story this weekend with the release of Crimson Peak, and it’s inspired us to look back at the history of the subgenre and highlight some of the most creative and horrific that we’ve seen in decades past. Read on… if you dare!
New DVD Releases: September 2015 In Home Entertainment
Before you set your DVR’s for all of the big fall premieres, do yourself a favor and check out what’s headed into homes during the month of September. We doubt you’ll regret it.
The Memorial Day Box Office Hit An Historic Low
The Memorial Day weekend box office total was embarrassingly low.
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To 3D Or Not To 3D: Buy The Right Poltergeist Ticket
Floating lights, a house of comic books, and a menacing tree sound like good fits for a 3D conversion, right? Read on to see how surprising the Poltergeist conversion actually is.
10 Horror Remakes That Actually Don't Suck
Horror movie remakes get a bad rap, but they're not all terrible. In fact, there are some that are pretty damn good, and here are a few of our favorites.
Here's A Reminder Of Everything Wrong With Poltergeist
This week sees the release of the remake of Poltergeist hitting theaters, so now is as good a time as any to reflect back on the 1982 horror classic that inspired it. However, if you have nothing but positive memories about the movie, you may want to turn away now, as this video is going to tear it a new one.
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This Rotten Week: Predicting Tomorrowland and Poltergeist Reviews
We have two movies on the docket this weekm as the summer starts to ramp into season. This time around we’ve got a visit to a futuristic world of tomorrow and another go around with the poltergeist.
New Poltergeist Trailer Terrifies With Clowns And Pissed-Off Spirits
“They’re here.” The new Poltergeist trailer gives a major nod to the most widely quoted moment from the 1982 original. We’ve already seen some snippets of the remake, but this footage is all new and has far more ghostly shenanigans, especially that one nightmare-inducing clown.
This Clown On The Poltergeist Poster Is Really Creepy
The upcoming remake of Poltergeist has already shown that it will be reimagining some of the most iconic moments from the original film, including a young girl sitting in front of a static-filled television and a killer evil tree, but it's the famous clown that has wound up being front and center of the movie's new poster.
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The Poltergeist Trailer Is Spooky, Haunted And Totally Terrifying
Remaking classic properties doesn’t always sound like the best idea, but the central conceit of a haunted house always works, and the new trailer for Gil Kenan’s Poltergeist reboot has some legitimate scares in it.
See How Eerily Similar Poltergeist Is To The Original
Our first look at the new remake of Poltergeist has been unveiled, and it's giving us some pretty creepy flashbacks. Why? Because apparently the marketing team is working hard to make sure that the new film reminds you of the legendary original.
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Wait, The Poltergeist Remake Is A Children's Movie?
If you've been under the impression that the upcoming Poltergeist movie is going to be one of the scariest films of 2015, I have some bad news for you. It turns out that this new film isn't necessarily that focused on being that frightening, and has been described by one of its stars as being more of a "kid's movie."
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 The Simpsons' 13 Greatest Treehouse Of Horror Movie Parodies
In honor of tonight's "Treehouse of Horror XXV," we thought it would be a fun time to look back and celebrate some of the best movie parodies that The Simpsons has given us over the years with its “Treehouse of Horror” episodes, from The Fly to A Nightmare on Elm Street.
Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes Sequel, The Poltergeist Remake And More Get New Release Dates
Dawn of the Planet of the Apes won't be out until this summer, but 20th Century Fox is already getting very serious about the second sequel in the rebooted Planet of the Apes franchise. One week ago it was reported that Dawn director Matt Reeves had signed a deal to direct the movie, and now the studio has given the project an official release date.
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The Poltergeist Reboot Adds Jared Harris, Nicholas Braun And More
Now that the upcoming Poltergeist reboot has set its two lead actors, both Sam Rockwell and Rosemarie DeWitt set to play the film's central roles, the team behind the production has begun filling out the supporting cast. And that evidently begins with signing Jared Harris, Kyle Calett and Nicholas Braun to the cast.
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Sam Rockwell Could Star In The Poltergeist Remake
Based on a script by David Lindsay-Abaire, who most recently wrote the script for Raimi's Oz The Great and Powerful, the movie tells the story of the Bowen family and their battle against evil spirits when their youngest daughter Madison is abducted by supernatural forces. As you may have noticed, the premise of the movie has remained the same, but the names from the 1982 original have changed (the daughter's name in that film was Carol Anne and the family name was the Freelings).
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Poltergeist Remake Eyes Rosemarie DeWitt For Female Lead
In the endless saga of films that are remade and updated and churned through the Hollywood recycling machine, Poltergeist is one of the few that doesn't earn immediate eye-rolls. The Tobe Hooper (or was that Steven Spielberg?)-directed horror film is a classic, of course, inspiring two sequels and dozens of similar ghost stories, but it's also simple enough that it could easily be reshaped, especially from a director with a specific idea of what to do with it
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Poltergeist Remake Begins Casting, Plans To Shoot This Fall
In this remake, it’s Eric’s wife, Amy, who can communicate with spirits. And there are two new main characters: Carrigan Burke, the host of a television program Haunted House Cleaners; and Burke’s ex-wife, who is a parapsychologist. This fractured couple will be called upon to help with the investigation into Caroline … er, Madison’s disappearance.
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Poltergeist Remake Scares Up Monster House's Gil Kenan To Direct
MGM has reached through the TV screen to sign Gil Kenan on as director. While his last film, 2008’s fantasy adventure City of Embers isn’t so relevant, his debut feature was Sony Animation’s CGI children’s comedy Monster House in 2006, so at least he isn’t completely unfamiliar with scary things.
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Sam Raimi Will Not Direct Poltergeist Remake After All
Just yesterday it seemed our hopes were answered with news that Raimi would resurrect undead terrors by directing the remake of Poltergeist penned by playwright turned screenwriter David Lindsay-Abaire. Sadly, THR was forced to revise their original article when Lindsay-Abaire noticed an error. He took to Twitter to lay it out...
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