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The Biggest Way The Film Industry Has Changed Over The Years, According To Robert Redford

In case it isn't obvious, both the way movies are made and how they're approached is completely different now than it was six decades ago, and having been a part of the film industry for nearly 60 years - making his on-screen debut in a 1960 episode of Maverick - Robert Redford has witnessed that change first hand.

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New Pete’s Dragon Clip Is Definitely Missing Something Big

_Pete's Dragon _has released a new clip from its clutches, and there's an absence that's pretty glaring. Go ahead and guess what's missing, then click through to watch the clip and see what's missing from this early look.

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Disney's Pete's Dragon Trailer Is Emotional And Sensational, Watch It Now

The newest trailer for Disney's upcoming remake of Pete's Dragon has hit and it's full of just as much magic and wonder as you would expect.

Rooney Mara Bringing A Love Story Involving The Afterlife To Netflix, Get The Details

With so many studios building their business around franchises capable of producing perpetual sequels, it's a rare enough thing these days to find a truly original idea at the movies. However, a new movie with Rooney Mara and Robert Redford sounds like it fits the bill. Unsurprisingly, Netflix just scooped it up.

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Pete's Dragon: What We Know So Far

There’s no better way to try to get parents and their progeny into the theater than to tempt them with a property that already has some name recognition. Come August, Pete’s Dragon will be that property.

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Why CBS Doesn't Like Robert Redford's Dan Rather Movie

One of the big premieres at the 2015 Toronto International Film Festival was Truth. While Dan Rather himself praised the film’s accuracy, one viewer who did not and that was CBS President and CEO Leslie Moonves.

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A Walk In The Woods Would Have Starred Paul Newman

Paul Newman and Robert Redford on-screen efforts in Butch Cassidy And The Sundance Kid and The Sting are rightfully regarded as two of the best dual leading performances in the history of cinema. And it turns out that we almost got a third film with the pair of acting titans.

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10 Famous Actors Who Tried Directing And Crushed It The First Time

The Gift marks Joel Edgerton's first time directing a feature film. He joins a long list of actors to make the leap, and as his film is getting good reviews, we thought we'd look at some other notable actors-turned-director who killed it with their first film.

The A-List Actor Minions 2 Wants To Play Its Villain

Minions is currently making all the money at the box office, and with a sequel now practically guaranteed, the filmmakers have one dream name at the top of their list to play the villain in Minions 2

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Robert Redford In A Pete's Dragon Remake? Here Are The Specifics

Pete's Dragon is obscure enough that it can be a clean slate for a modern update, but it's classic enough that it'll bring back some holdovers from the original 1977 film. With Robert Redford in talks to become a lead in the remake, Disney might have found someone to appeal to both crowds.

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Dan Rather's Sad Final Controversy Is Getting A Movie

For twenty-four years, Dan Rather was the face of CBS News. During that time, he broke countless stories and reported on hundreds of world-changing events. Unfortunately, his career is remembered in some circles for only one: The Killian Documents Controversy. The broadcast was a complete fiasco, and now, it’s getting its own movie.

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Robert Redford And Jeffrey Wright Could Team Up For Heretic Drama Come Sunday

Last year, Robert Redford took on an incredibly demanding solo-role in the shipwreck drama All is Lost. Now, as follow-up to his gritty performance in Captain America: The Winter Soldier and his upcoming A Walk In the Woods, Redford is considering joining a biopic that would have him playing charismatic preacher Oral Roberts.

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Captain America: The Winter Soldier Debuts A New Poster For Robert Redford

Thanks to its impressive run of crafting quality blockbusters that bring in a huge audience, Marvel Studios has developed a knack for attracting top-tier acting talent, and nowhere is that better illustrated than in the casting of Robert Redford in Joe and Anthony Russo's upcoming Captain America: The Winter Soldier.

Tom Hanks And Four More Disgraceful Best Actor Oscar Snubs

We can spend weeks reading the tea leaves – and because the Oscar ceremony is still more than a month away, we likely will waste all of that time. My guess is that Hanks split his attention between two performances, and ended up on the short end of the nominee stick in both instances.

Borat Helmer Replaces Robert Redford On A Walk In The Woods

Little Miss Sunshine's and former Star Wars: Episode VII screenwriter Michael Arndt adapted the script from Bull Bryson's best-selling memoir A Walk In The Woods: Rediscovering the Appalachian Trail. The movie will star Redford as the author, an American who after spending many years abroad in England decides to reacquaint himself with the glory of the United States by traversing the Appalachian Trail with an ornery old high school friend (Nolte).

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NYFF Review: Robert Redford Is Adrift In The Supposed Thriller All Is Lost

Redford stars as this unnamed sailor who was out at sea, alone on his yacht, when disaster struck. Snoozing in his below deck cabin, this man, who I will call Captain, is awakened to the sound of rushing water as a free floating freight container tears a hole in the side of his boat. Rather than panic, our captain instantly and silently begins to assess the situation.

Robert Redford Replacing Richard Linklater For A Walk In The Woods

Adapted by celebrated Little Miss Sunshine scribe Michael Arndt, A Walk in the Woods will be a comedy that follows an aging author (Redford) seeking to reinvigorate himself and his career with a treacherous trek of the Appalachian Trail along with his out of shape, alcoholic childhood pal (Nolte). There's no news on when this comedy might kick into production.

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Robert Redford And Ain't Them Bodies Saints Director Team For True-Life Crime Drama

Robert Redford helped create the Sundance Film Festival in in 1978, and this past January director David Lowery wowed the audiences of Park City, Utah with his feature Ain't Them Bodies Saints. So it totally makes sense that the two filmmakers would want to team up on a project together - and today they have apparently forged a deal.

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Richard Linklater Will Direct A Walk In The Woods For Robert Redford

A Walk in the Woods will feature Redford playing Bryson and Nick Nolte playing Bryson’s recovering alcoholic friend Stephen Katz as the two men share various observations about the entirety of the world around them as they make the 2,100 mile trek. Considering the beginning of Linklater’s career was filled with existential dialogue-driven films, this seems like a perfect fit on all fronts.

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Robert Redford Confirms He'll Play The Head Of S.H.I.E.L.D. In Captain America Sequel

Does this mean Redford will be Sam Jackson’s boss? His superior? And this must mean that S.H.I.E.L.D. will have a major function in the Captain America sequel, even as we learn that A.I.M. will be a big part of Shane Black’s upcoming Iron Man 3.

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