Poster For Lee Hirsch's Bully Says It's Time To Take A Stand
The documentary Bully follows five families over the course of one year to reveal how the children of these families are affected by bullying. Shocking footage reveals not only the bullying itself but the harrowing repercussions it wreaks on its victims.
Sundance Interview: Andrew Rossi Goes Inside The New York Times With Page One
Inspired specifically by Times media reporter David Carr, Rossi decided to spend a year inside the Times newsroom, focusing on
Sundance Video Interview: Azazel Jacobs Tweaks The High School Genre With Terri
I got to sit down with Jacobs, with his wild hair and quiet demeanor, and ask him how he came to make his second film about a high
Sundance Video Blog: Wrapping Up The Awards In Vegas
We had about an hour in the Las Vegas airport before boarding our red-eye flight and waking up in Queens at dawn. Sure, we're exhausted, but since Sundance began
Sundance Video Review: How Did Another Happy Day Win A Screenwriting Award?
Levinson stretches himself way too far as a first-time writer by creating 5 or 6 main characters with half a dozen more supporting
Sundance Review: Miranda July Combines Emotional Nuance And Surrealism In The Future
Briskly paced and very funny, The Future sneaks up on you with its weight, landing a series of devastating punches near the end that also don't belie the film's witty assessment of human faults
Where Can You See 2011 Sundance Films? Our Guide To All The Distribution Deals
The real winners are the movies with distribution deals, the films those of us who weren't in Park City may actually have a shot at seeing in a movie
Like Crazy, How To Die In Oregon Top Sundance Awards
If you're as U.S.-centric as the rest of us, and want to keep an eye on the film most likely to be the Next Big Thing coming out of the festival, the big winner at last night's ceremony was Like Crazy
Sundance Video Review: Sound Of My Voice Is Another Take On Cults
The movie only started getting buzz late in the festival, on something of a parallel track to Another Earth; both films star and were partially written by Brit Marling
Sundance Interview: Pariah Director Dee Rees Discusses Her Powerful Debut
I had a chance to talk to her about the evolution of the film, the autobiographical elements of the story and discovering an amazing new talent in star Adepero Oduye
Sundance Video Review: Son Of No One Closes Fest With A Whimper
Son of No One isn't just a bizarre choice for Sundance, a festival that at least tries to support the off-kilter and unusual in American filmmaking, it was a bummer of a closing night film, an utter mess
Sundance Interview: Anton Yelchin Returns To Indies For Like Crazy
I talked to Yelchin about his chameleonic career switching between big-budget studio movies and independent films, how he used his own relationship experience to create Jacob, and, yes, a little bit about Star Trek 2
Sundance Video Review: Terri And Submarine, Two Uncommon Teen Comedies
They're both comedies about teenagers who don't quite fit into their schools, though Terri adopts a very low-budget naturalistic
Focus Features Acquires Touching, Compelling Debut Film Pariah
Focus Features announced today that they've not only acquired the worldwide rights to Dee Rees's debut feature Pariah, but that they've hired her to write a screenplay for a new feature film she'll
Sundance Interview: Felicity Jones Pours Herself Into Like Crazy's Romance
The low-key and emotional romance stars Anton Yelchin and Felicity Jones as two college students who fall hard for each other, only to be separated by geography and all the other complications
Sundance Review: Reagan Digs Deep Into The President But Comes Away With Little
Jarecki lingers a while in Reagan's early years but never gets at any fundamental truth about the man himself-- the glowing interviews
Sundance Interview: James Marsh Talks Project Nim And Criticizes Kevin Smith
I talked to Marsh in an excellent 20-minute conversation this afternoon, and I'm bringing you 10 minutes of it-- the least spoilery parts-- now, with the rest to come. Oh, and that bit in the headline about Kevin Smith?
Sundance Video Review: Resurrect Dead Is Low-Fi Documentary Fun
There are still plenty of movies to see, and plenty of exhausted delirium to drive though, which is exactly what Matt Patches and I did when we got up this morning to see Resurrect Dead
Sundance Review: Being Elmo Charms The Entire Festival
Anyone who grew up on Sesame Street and the Muppets-- and if you're younger than 50, you almost definitely did-- will grin involuntarily through Being Elmo
Sundance Video Blog: How To Die In Oregon
We had been warned about How to Die in Oregon, the documentary from director Peter Richardson about a topic both incendiary and heartbreaking: legal, doctor-assisted suicide

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