Michelle Monaghan Joins Owen Wilson For The Coup
Can someone explain to me why Michelle Monaghan isn't a major star? She held her own against notorious scene-chewers Robert Downey Jr. and Val Kimer in Kiss Kiss Bang Bang. She proved she could deliver on action and drama in Gone Baby Gone, Mission Impossible III and Eagle Eye. She's gorgeous and deeply charming, so why is she again and again wasted in thankless love interest roles? It's entirely infuriating.
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Pierce Brosnan Joins Owen Wilson In The Coup
While many will likely associate Pierce Brosnan with his recurring role as James Bond, or films like The Thomas Crown Affair, his credits are fairly all over the map in terms of genre, with less of a focus on action films in recent years, and more on dramas and comedies (among them, I Don't Know How She Does It, The Greatest, Remember Me, not to mention Mamma Mia!).
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Owen Wilson Enlists To Protect His Family From Violent Rebels In The Coup
After several years of being in nothing or any real value, save the odd appearance in a Wes Anderson film or a cameo on Community, last year Owen Wilson wound up with an Golden Globe nomination for his work in Woody Allen's Midnight in Paris. And now with an already promising slate of films on the horizon, Wilson has just agreed to star in the action thriller The Coup.
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