Why Goonies 2 Probably Won't Happen, According To Corey Feldman
With nostalgic sequels being greenlit like candy these days, The Goonies 2 would seem like a sure thing to its throngs of fans. But don't get your hopes up, as Corey Feldman has some strong opinions as to why this long awaited sequel simply won't happen. Ever.
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The Important Character The Goonies 2 Plans On Bringing Back
What do you think? Is Sean Astin beating this drum all by himself? Or did he just reveal a spoilery plot point from a The Goonies 2 screenplay that we might see on the screen one day?
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Corey Feldman Wants The Goonies 2 To Be An Indiana Jones-Style Adventure
While the cast seems eager, the right story is still necessary to pull this sequel off, and I’m not sure they’ve been able to crack that code yet… or if they ever will. I kind of like Corey Feldman’s idea for The Goonies 2, with the adults on a globe-trotting adventure. Do you wish we were able to see that on screen, somehow?
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Why Goonies 2 Hasn't Happened Yet, According To Sean Astin
For movie fans of a certain age, The Goonies is one of those quintessential films that is as close to universally loved as any movie can get. It’s been three decades since we saw their last adventure, and the clamor for a sequel has never died down.
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Why Sean Astin Is Sure The Goonies 2 Will Happen
Over the weekend, Sean Astin Tweeted a message to his fans stating that he’d be back for the sequel. It was vague, but definitive, as if something had happened behind the scenes to suggest that the sequel finally was moving forward. However, he deleted the tweet and quickly backtracked, stating that he’d return “if” and when the movie happened
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New Goonies Project Is Offbeat, Sounds Awesome
If you were still holding out hope for The Goonies 2, it doens't look like that is happening anytime soon. However, their is something Goonies related in the works, and it's weird as hell.
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Why Goonies 2 May Be Impossible To Pull Off, According To Sean Astin
Sean Astin has revealed that Goonies 2 is still being developed, but he's not sure if it should be.
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The Frustrating Reason Why The Goonies 2 Still Hasn't Happened
Hey Cyndi Lauper. Why haven’t they started filming The Goonies 2 yet? Because the script isn’t “good enough! For you it’s … good enough."
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12 Sequels That Will Never Happen
It’s not smart to bet against a sequel, because Hollywood loves revisiting any idea that worked at least once. (Hello, Horrible Bosses 2!) Still, these 12 announced – or teased – sequels seem dead in the water, so pulling the metaphorical plug on them seems inevitable.
Josh Brolin Updates Us On The Goonies 2
Because The Goonies celebrates its 30th anniversary this year, The Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon started with sequel talk. Brolin played along, but emphasized that these conversations happen every couple of years.
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Goosebumps, The Giver, Goonies, And More Highlight San Diego Comic-Con 2014's Thursday Schedule
That time of year is almost upon us. In just two weeks, geeks and nerds from around the world will be hopping in their cars and boarding planes to head out to southern California for the annual San Diego Comic-Con. As always, we expect that the event will be packed with all kinds of big announcements and sneak peeks, but what hasn’t been clear is precisely what is going to be on display. Today the roll-out of that information has begun.
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Sean Astin Says The Goonies 2 Will Be Magic Like The First One
Where does Sean Astin stand on The Goonies 2? By his comment during a recent Reddit AMA, optimistic seems to be the general tone for the actor who played Mikey in the original film. In addition to ensuring a "magic" sequel to The Goonies, Astin also shared a bit of trivia about the Cyndi Lauper's "The Goonies 'R Good Enough" music video.
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The Real Goonies 2 Questions You Should Be Asking
In 1982, E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial arrived on the scene and set a high benchmark for movies that were both for kids and about kids. At the heart of a film about a boy and the stranded alien he befriends is a tale about the power of kid spirit, and it affected a generation. The 80s were our time.
The Goonies 2: Three Possible Storylines We'd Actually Want To See
We’re not giving up on The Goonies 2, because Goonies – as you know – never say die. So if this sequel is happening, here are three potential plotlines we can get behind.
Goonies 2 Still Happening, Says Richard Donner
Goonies 2, if it happens, needs to be much more than a “paycheck gig” for all involved. It has to have the same passion and sense of whimsical adventure that fueled the first movie. It has to unite the “Goonies” on a quest to save something valuable to the team. Did Donner unlock the secret to that storyline?
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