Stephanie Pratt's Boyfriend Julien Chabbott Accused Of Running Over Cop's Foot
Julien Chabbott, best known as Stephanie Pratt’s twenty-eight-year-old boyfriend, was heading back to his car parked in front of the Mercer Hotel in SoHo on Saturday when he noticed two police officers getting ready to ticket the vehicle. Rather than simply being annoyed and paying the fine, Chabbott reportedly hopped into his car, started the engine and drove over the officer’s foot.
Lauren Conrad And Boyfriend Soak Up The Sun In Mexico
The couple headed to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico to enjoy five days in the sun and more than a few hours in the hotel room. The couple have only been dating for a few months, but apparently Conrad really enjoys spending time with the guy—the suite the star rented out for the duration of their vacation apparently cost $1,500 dollars a night!
Rumor: The Hill's Kristin C. Is Joining Dancing With The Stars
Kristin Cavallari and her flat belly has been added to the pile of names tossed out as contestants. Though no word is out yet on whether or not she signed, The Hills actress was offered a contract.
VH1 Gives Audrina A Reality Show
I’m not saying I won’t watch this mess, but in the grand scheme of LC associates, Audrina is pretty low in my list in terms of desired reality shows. Where’s Lo? Better yet, where’s Dieter?
The Hills Star Patridge's Surfboard Decor
Reality TV star Audrina Patridge spent $5,000 on a designer surfboard - then used it as a home furnishing because it's too expensive to take to the waves. The Hills star paid out the huge sum
Lauren Conrad's Life Was A TV Show, Now It's A Movie
It's frustrating enough that Lauren Conrad, the faux-starlet who became famous thanks to Laguna Beach and The Hills, is a best-selling author thanks to her thinly-veiled account of her own life, the novel L.A. Candy
Movie News
Clips: Lauren Conrad Guest Stars On Family Guy
This week Family Guy is going after Lauren Conrad, soon to be former The Hills star. Fans of FG would think nothing of this, as the show constantly goes after celebrities.
Audrina Patridge Leaving The Hills For Mark Burnett
Audrina Patridge of MTV’s The Hills will be leaving the faux reality show after the upcoming fifth season. The actress has signed with Mark Burnett productions for a new series.
Kim Kardashian To Guest Star In HIMYM Episode
Rumor has it, Kim Kardashian has been added to the small list of guest stars set to appear in a certain episode of How I Met Your Mother scheduled to air in early 2009. The other two guest stars appearing in the episode are The Hills stars Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt.
Exclusive First Looks At Twilight To Air During Greek Finale
As a fan of ABC Family’s Greek, I was already planning to watch tomorrow night’s season finale (titled “Hell Week”). Then today I heard that people had seen promos for a Twilight sneak peek that’s supposedly going to air at some point during the finale. I haven’t seen the promos that have apparently aired on ABC Family but my sources with the network have confirmed that it’s true!
Trailer For MTV Hills Spinoff The City
I don’t know what it but I never could get into Laguna Beach, nor did I have any interest in The Hills and my lack of enthusiasm will surely extend to cover the newest spinoff, The City. Whatever gene exists that causes one to care (obsess) over these shows, I must not have it. That said, I know there are plenty of people out there who do care about Whitney’s new series, which is why I’m posting this trailer!
The Hills - D.C Edition: Blonde Charity Mafia
Did you know The Hills averages around 4 million viewers for every episode? Can you imagine that there are that many people out there who have nothing better to do than watch this crap? Honestly, I’ve never seen an episode, and I had no idea who the freak Audrina, Lauren and Speidi were until I went to that bastion of truthiness… Wikipedia.
More Trouble In The Hills
Fake reality show juggernaut The Hills sauntered towards drama town Monday night after a premiere-inspired celebratory dinner almost turned into an impromptu brawl between on-again-off-again heterosexual life partners Brody Jenner and Spencer Pratt. The brouhaha began after Pratt approached Lauren Conrad’s new boyfriend Doug Reinhart
Teen Choice Awards: Teens Love Gossip Girl And Hannah Montana
The tenth annual Teen Choice Awards aired tonight and guess what?! OMG! Teens love Gossip Girl! The list of TV related winners is quite extensive and in addition to Gossip Girl, which won in a number of categories, the list also includes The Hills, The Secret Life of an American Teenager and Hannah Montana.
Heidi Montag Plans To Win An Oscar
I say go for it, Heidi. You’ve already failed at music, fashion design, and finding a suitable love interest not named Spencer; so, it seems to me you should keep this pattern of ineptitude going. Here’s a short list of other things I’d like to see you fail at
TV Recap: The Hills - Passports to Paris
History is anywhere but in the past on The Hills. It was only a year ago when Lauren made what Lisa Love would tell you was the worst decision ever, but it sure feels like yesterday. Whitney got the invite to her second Parisian excursion, and when the loyal (yes, I know it’s a risky word to use when describing someone close to Lauren) in-and-out-tern (she’s supposedly no longer an intern
TV Recap: The Hills—Saving The Date
Speidi may not be getting married after all (!): clearly there are more pressing issues than The Brody Question (sorry, didn’t mean to put you to sleep for three words) and J-B’s (Australian) replacement. Heidi took She-Pratt’s whole omg-we’re-family-now bit too seriously and confided in her about the fight with Spencer.
TV Recap: The Hills—Sister Act
I’m assuming Lauren would extend her “It’s not okay to have your boyfriend do your dirty work” philosophy to sisters. Stephanie Pratt (aka She-Pratt) stepped into her brother’s shoes by berating Lauren, Brody, and Audrina, defending her (possibly) soon-to-be sister-in-law and the Pratt dynasty. She also happened to be (The Hills has officially—just in case it wasn’t official weeks ago—made coincidences the new norm) present for J-B’s insanely (and rightfully so) gossiped about make-out session with mystery bitch in front of Audrina.
TV Recap: The Hills—My Ex-Best-Friend’s Wedding
Still reeling from the confrontation seen ’round the world? Me too. But that doesn’t mean we needed filler to catch us from the fallout. There was no mention whatsoever of last week’s face-to-face farewell. Instead, Whitney went on a date and Speidi lamely argued over the wedding. Lauren’s date with wallpaper earlier in the season had no sparks, but the awkwardness was engrossing to watch. Whitney’s date, on the other hand, had no sparks and had nothing else.
TV Recap: The Hills—It’s My Party And I’ll Lie If I Want To
Lauren’s staple look of shock (last seen, I believe, when she found out Jason got engaged) was sort of unwarranted when Whitney told her Heidi was right behind her at the Declare Yourself Party. That’s because Whitney and Lauren spotted Brent Bolthouse’s company on the list of sponsors ahead of time, and kind of figured Heidi would be there.

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