The 15 Most Remarkably Average Movies Of All Time
Some movies are great, some movies are terrible, and there are still those that are perfectly fine but you never need to think of again. Here are some of our favorite remarkably unremarkable films.
New DVD Releases: January 2015 In Home Entertainment
January isn’t typically the biggest month for Blu-ray, DVD and streaming releases, but thanks to the glories of awards season and midseason premieres on television, there’s quite a bit of good stuff popping up over the next several weeks. Check out what's coming out.
The Disgusting Way Kristen Bell Helped Prepare Dax Shepard For A Nude Scene
Kristen Bell shaved Dax Shepard’s ass hair with a razor. The delightful, petite actress had to take one for the team when Shepard realised that the abundance of hair on his ass would be noticeable when he filmed his This Is Where I Leave You nude scene. It’s just a pity that the film turned out to be so average.
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Weekend Box Office: Gone Girl Goes Second Weekend At Number One
Gone Girl held the number one spot for a second weekend in a row, while four newcomers settled for non-exciting to down right disappointing openings. Several major small release indie and indie-ish movies hit theaters with mixed results.
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This Rotten Week: Predicting Addicted, Dracula Untold, The Judge Reviews And More
I do This Rotten Week every Sunday, and most times can’t wait to sink my teeth into what’s about to hit screens. But man, this week took some effort. It wasn’t that the films look all bad (some do), but rather just boring. Four flicks hit the screen, but it looks like there is very little to get too excited for. We’ve got bad days, addictions, bloodsuckers and judges.
This Avengers 2 Trailer Only Contains Footage From Robert Downey Jr's Other Movie, The Judge
Earlier this week, Robert Downey Jr teased a a surprise! Naturally, I, like everyone else on the Internet, immediately jumped to the conclusion that we were about to see a trailer for The Avengers 2!
Robert Downey Jr. Takes Fans Down The Red Carpet As The Judge Opens Toronto
Judging by reactions, David Dobkin’s The Judge generated both praise and mild scorn, but justified its presence with mega-wattage star power provided by the movie’s leads, Robert Downey Jr. and Robert Duvall.
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Vera Farmiga To Play The Female Lead Opposite Robert Downey Jr. In The Judge
Scripted by Bill Dubuque, Nick Schenk, and David Seidler, the film centers on a big-city lawyer (Downey Jr.) who returns home after spending years away to attend his mother's funeral, but is shocked to learn that his father (Duvall), the local judge, is suspected of murdering her.
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Billy Bob Thornton Could Sign On For The Judge With Robert Downey Jr.
The Judge tells the story of a hot-shot lawyer (Downey Jr.) who returns to his hometown after being away for decades to attend his mother's funeral. When he arrives, however, he discovers that his estranged father, the local judge, is suspected of killing her.
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Vincent D'Onofrio Joins Robert Downey Jr. In The Judge
the latest to join this already impressive cast is Law & Order: Criminal Intent star Vincent D'Onofrio, who has been steadily scoring film roles since the show drew to a close after ten seasons. He's set to play Downey's older brother with whom his character will reconnect while seeking to discover the truth about their mother's death.
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Robert Duvall To Play Robert Downey Jr.'s Dad In The Judge
Robert Downey Jr. had a very specific vision of who he wanted to play his father in the upcoming dramedy The Judge. Back in November of last year we learned that the Iron Man star was hoping that Jack Nicholson would be willing to the take the part...
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Robert Downey Jr. Wants Jack Nicholson To Play His Father In The Judge
In the Marvel Cinematic Universe Robert Downey Jr. has already had three actors play his dad - Gerard Sanders, John Slattery and Dominic Cooper - but for one of the star's next project he's looking for an actor who has won three Academy Awards. New reports say that Downey Jr. is now developing a new drama called The Judge to both act in and produce, and he's now he's trying to get Jack Nicholson to come aboard and play his father.
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The Judge, Starring Robert Downey Jr., Hires A New Writer
I'm not 100% sure how quickly this is going to head into production. While hiring a new writer is progress, the production schedule of Iron Man 3 and the rebirth of Dobkin's Arthur & Lancelot at Warner Bros. means that neither the star nor director will be available for the next few months. It's good to know that both of them have something in the pipeline, though.
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