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Angelina Jolie's Unbroken Will Finally Screen In Japan

After months of not being allowed to show in the country, Angelia Jolie's WWII film Unbroken will finally get a very limited release in Japan.

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Angelina Jolie's Unbroken Releasing Special Edition Aimed At Christians

A DVD version of Unbroken will be aimed specifically for Christians, and it will include over 90 minutes of extra material. This special “Legacy Of Faith" edition that will put greater focus on Louis Zamperini’s life once he returned to America.

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Unbroken Probably Won't Get Released In Japan Because Obviously

Unbroken has been having a tough few months. Though it received pretty positive critical acclaim, it got snubbed by the Golden Globes. Then Angelina Jolie woke up this morning to find that it barely received love from the Oscars. Now, in a not all that surprising move, it’s receiving no love from Japan.

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How Unbroken Led Angelina Jolie To Meet The Pope

Angelina Jolie's sophomore directorial debut tells a story so inspiring that it landed her a meeting with the Pope.

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5 Big Things The PGA Noms Tell Us About The Oscars

The Producers Guild Association is the latest group to drop its selection for the best of 2014, and those of us tracking each step of the Oscar marathon found more than enough interesting elements to single out.

The Brutal Scene That Made Unbroken's Cast Vomit And Pass Out

By all accounts, Unbroken is a rather brutal piece of cinema - which isn't exactly too surprising given the incredible challenges that faced World War II hero Louis Zamperini during his time in a Japanese prison camp. Given the harshness of the film, it shouldn't be surprising that there was an emotional toll behind the making of the movie as well.

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Why Angelina Jolie's Unbroken Is Doing Better Than Expected

Considering the impressive amount of Christmas competition it faced at the box office last week, Angelina Jolie’s Unbroken has actually had a startlingly good opening in its first few days at the box office. But why have moviegoers been so charmed by Angelina Jolie’s film?

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Watch This Supercut Of Epic Movie Shots From 2014

This supercut of 2014's best shots of cinematography might just leave you with stars in your eyes. Check out what one editor thought was the best of the best online.

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One Of The Unbroken Actors Got To Play His Own Grandfather

When it comes to reflecting one's own ancestry, most of us have to settle with looking at old photographs and stories from our elders. Stephen J. Douglas, a 26-year-old barback living in Brooklyn, New York, however, recently got a chance to take that kind of personal reflection to a whole new level.

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The One Story From Unbroken That Angelina Jolie Thought Was Too Disturbing For The Film

Angelina Jolie’s second directorial effort, Unbroken, is not an easy viewing.But even with scenes depicting this man’s trials at sea and in a P.O.W. camp, there was one event in particular that Jolie deemed too gruesome to include in the movie.

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This Rotten Week: Predicting The Woman in Black: Angel of Death Reviews

The movie studios are content to kind of just sleep this week off, having gone all out leading into the Christmas week. We’ve only got one flick on the docket and it in involves the words "Angel" and "Death" so you know it’s going to be good.

Weekend Box Office: The Hobbit Holds Top Spot As A Weak 2014 Comes To A Close

The post-Christmas weekend, which is also the last of 2014, saw a nice boost for most movies and some exceptional openings for the newcomers. It paints a good picture for the weekend, but it wasn't enough to dig the 2014 box office out of its major slump.

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Awards Blend: Angelina Jolie And Unbroken Just Received A Christmas Miracle

A number of films moved up and down the Awards Blend charts as we sailed past Christmas. As of Friday, December 26, here’s where I think our major contenders stand.

This Rotten Week: Predicting Unbroken, The Gambler And Into The Woods Reviews

It’s beginning to look a lot like the Christmas movie season. See what I did there? I took a classic song lyric and used if for my own purposes. Genius. As is often the case with this time of year, studios have a couple of bigger flicks hitting the screens for when people are off of work. We’ve got unbreakable dudes, gamblers and treks into the woods.

 The Bizarre Reason Angelina Jolie Isn’t Able To Promote Her New Movie Unbroken

Angelina Jolie wasn't able to make it to the LA Premier of her latest directorial project, Unbroken, and it wasn't because of embarrassment over leaked Sony emails.

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Awards Blend: The Best Actor Race Is About To Get Bloody

Someone’s going to be left out in the cold. Several very talented and deserving people, in fact. There’s no avoiding it. There are simply too many talented actors vying for five Best Actor slots this year, so on the morning of the Oscar nominations, there could be as many as 10 worthy performers looking at the five nominees and wondering why they aren’t in that exclusive group.

Jack O'Connell Ushers In A New Age Of Action Hero In '71

Jack O’Connell seems poised for stardom. He’s rugged, boxy, and built for an action career. His nose forms a natural arrow that cuts through tense situations, and he has a broad forehead that sits atop his tough-guy squint.

Angelina Jolie's Inspiring Unbroken Trailer Will Electrify Your Day

The trailer emphasizes the unknown O'Connell, a would-be future star, but the bigger names at the camp include Tron: Legacy hero Garrett Hedlund, and Not Fade Away star John Magaro. But the more you see of O'Connell in this clip, with his resolve tested, the more you want to see him.

Angelina Jolie Is Crushed By The Death Of Unbroken Hero Louis Zamperini

Zamperini was a World War II soldier who made headlines after surviving 47 days on a raft following a devastating plane crash. Things went from terrible to atrocious for Zamperini and his fellow survivors after they were picked up by the Japanese and placed in a prisoner-of-war camp.

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Watch The First Footage From Angelina Jolie's WWII Drama Unbroken

This will be Jolie’s second directorial feature-film credit, after 2011’s In the Land of Blood and Honey. Her footage has the nostalgic tinge of a Forrest Gump. Perhaps it’s just all of that running.

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