How One Movie Theater Chain Will Experiment With Gender-Neutral Bathrooms
It’s interesting that at least one movie theater chain is starting the ball rolling on the conversation about gender-neutral bathrooms in multiplexes. Could this be the opening salvo in a much larger discussion?
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The Star Wars Original Trilogy Is Coming Back To Movie Theaters, But Which Versions?
There may be no films ever created that are as loved as the original Star Wars trilogy. While those first films are approaching their 40th birthday, they have never gone out of popularity. However, with every generation that is introduced to the films, most are forced to only see them on a television screen.
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Hardcore Henry Just Made The Best Anti-Texting PSA We've Seen In A While, Watch It Here
Hardcore Henry shakes things up by showing what will happen to those who disrespect theater etiquette in this hilarious PSA.
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Why One Theater Chain Is Ignoring The MPAA And Letting Teens See An R-Rated Movie
One independent theater chain is allowing teenagers a chance to see Michael Moore's Where To Invade Next even though it's R-rated and includes a naked German man in a hot tub.
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The Crazy Reason One Star Wars Fan Already Has Seen The Force Awakens Nine Times
Many fans celebrated the release of The Force Awakens with marathons of all the previous films. The Alamo Drafthouse took the idea to the extreme, and 46 hours later they've crowned an Ultimate Star Wars Fan.
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Alamo Drafthouse's Latest 'Don't Talk' Ad Brings Back A Beloved On-Screen Coach
If you're thinking about talking or texting at the movies this weekend, you might want to huddle up first. A very familiar coach has a special message for you before you light up the cinema.
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More Theaters Are On Board For Changing How Movies Are Released
Paramount is working on a new plan that could change the way movies are released theatrically, and now they have a handful of new allies in this quest.
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Drafthouse Planning The Perfect Middle-earth Tribute For Hobbit And Lord Of The Rings Fans
The Alamo Drafthouse Theater in Austin will be showing a marathon of all six Peter Jackson Middle-earth films. We've got the amazing and delicious-sounding details here!
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Thrilling Tom Cruise Supercut Teases Alamo Drafthouse's Cruise Control Marathon
Alamo Drafthouse feels the need for Cruise! They're celebrating Tom Cruise's extensive body of work with an event called "Cruise Control," a mystery marathon of five Tom Cruise films on 35mm. It's set to take place at the Alamo Ritz in Austin, TX next month. Even for those of us who are nowhere near Texas, this trailer for Cruise Control will have us all craving a Cruise marathon.
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Google Glass Banned At The Alamo Drafthouse
After a period of evaluation and deliberation, the Alamo Drafthouse has decided on banning Google Glass units from being present in their theaters. Of course, there are some exceptions, but ultimately the question needs to be asked – is this really going to help?
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Are These Really The 20 Best Movie Theaters In The World?
In the latest issue of Men’s Journal, a list of “The Top 20 Movie Theaters In The World” has been created. The selections range from California to the Cinémathèque Française in Paris, France. And the No. 1 theater to top their list?
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Michel Gondry's Surreal Romance Mood Indigo Picked Up By Drafthouse Films
It seemed at one point that the Alamo Drafthouse brand couldn’t get any cooler, but their distribution company has proven that assumption wrong, and Gondry is the latest filmmaker to get their special brand of promotion. While no specific dates have been set,Drafthouse will be giving the film a theatrical release at some point in 2014. I can’t wait to see Gondry’s “No Cell Phones in Theaters” ad.
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Watch: Siri Teams With Alamo Drafthouse To Stop Texting At Movie Theaters
Alamo asked the actual voice of Siri, Susan Bennett, to add oomph to their latest Don't Talk or Text" PSA. In this quirky vid, the cheeky virtual assistant refuses directives to text, calling her unseen user "rude" before threatening to send a message that will release embarrassing personal information.
Watch Shailene Woodley And Miles Teller Threaten Movie Texters In Alamo Drafthouse PSA
Following in the footsteps of The World's End cast, and Before Midnight's Ethan Hawke and Julie Delpy, among others, the latest actors to take an amusing stand against texting and cell phone chatting during movies are The Spectacular Now's Shailene Woodley and Miles Teller.
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The World's End Gang Advises Against Mobile Devices In Theaters For Alamo Drafthouse PSA
Do you know what's a really bad idea? Pissing off two guys who have made a name for themselves facing off against some of humanity’s greatest threats, including zombies, homicidal village councils and killer robots. As it happens, however, it isn’t necessary to go too far out of your way to make these guys happy, as the new Alamo Drafthouse public service announcement shows us.
Before Midnight's Ethan Hawke And Julie Delpy Tell Moviegoers To Turn Off The Phone
Unable to concentrate, Delpy breaks character to speak directly to whatever member of the audience is talking on their cell phone. And by speak directly, I mean reprimand in French, and then in English. “Get the f!%k out of this place, or just turn off the phone!”
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Michael Bay Inducted Into Tough Guy Hall Of Fame With Baymageddon Event
The Bay events, according to a release, will be held on Sunday, April 21, at Alamo Drafthouse locations in Austin and Houston, TX, Kansas City, MO, and Littleton, CO. Three “classic” Bay films will be screened, followed by an early screening of Pain & Gain.
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James Franco Asks You To Stop Using Your Cell Phone At The Movies
I truly don't understand why people are compelled to look at their cell phones while watching a film in a theater. Isn't the point of going to the movies to remove yourself from the real world for two hours while you get caught up in a dark drama, hilarious comedy or kick-ass action movie?
Mondo Announces Lord Of The Rings Poster Series, Unveils Return Of The King Artwork
Weren’t in Austin to possibly grab this pretty print? We have good news. Alamo and Mondo have announced that this is the first in what will be a series – from various artists – that will celebrate Jackson’s Lord of the Rings films.
Alamo Drafthouse Gets Stuck In The Middle With Michael Madsen
There are some movie scenes that are simply so disturbing, they're burned into our memories. For me, the ear scene in Reservoir Dogs is high on the list. Maybe I'm just an old softy, but I always feel bad to the point of physically uncomfortable watching that poor guy strapped in the chair. The Alamo Drafthouse Cinema has used this cringe-inducing scene as part of their campaign to discourage cell phone usage during movies.
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