Annette Bening and Jay Roach Could Move The Third Coast to HBO
HBO has long become a bastion for two things: helping you watch that one movie you never bothered with when it was at the movies but will do for those nights you can't fall asleep and high quality, original programming. The latter could well get a bump should the Home Box Office network purchase a show from director Jay Roach and actress Annette Bening.
Annette Bening Will Love On Al Pacino In Dan Fogelman's Imagine
Pacino will play a hard-living, aging rocker who discovers a letter that John Lennon wrote a to him when he was younger.. The letter sets his life on a different path. Bening will play a love interest and Cannavale will play Pacino’s estranged son, who doesn’t have much in common with his father.
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Anthony Hopkins And Annette Bening Board Andy Garcia's Hemingway & Fuentes
Garcia will not only direct the drama, but also co-star, playing Gregorio Fuentes, the first mate and close, personal friend of Hemingway. The screenplay penned by Garcia and Hilary Hemingway—niece of the legendary author—centers on the eponymous pair's time in Cuba in the 1950s, which inspired Papa to pen fisherman-centered novel that became a bestseller and won him critical acclaim including the Pulitzer Prize and the Nobel Prize for Literature.
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Annette Bening Replaces Diane Keaton For The Look Of Love
The Look of Love centers on a widow named Niki, who believes she's through with love until she meets a man (Ed Harris) who looks exactly like her late husband. We first got word of this romantic feature last year, when writer-director Arie Posin (The Chumscrubber) was prepping to pitch it at the European Film Market. However, at that time, it was Diane Keaton who was attached to star opposite Harris...
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Matt Dillon Will Get Crazy With Kristen Wiig And Annette Bening In Imogene
Production on Imogene started in New York this week, so maybe if we're lucky this offbeat comedy will be finished in time to find a home at the festival that makes offbeat comedies into critical hits: Sundance. I know an unhinged Matt Dillon would fit in pretty perfectly in my "running around through snowbanks" Sundance schedule.
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Kristen Wiig's Imogene Promises A Jersey Shore Annette Bening, Glee's Darren Criss
Speaking at the premiere of The Whistleblower, Imogene producer Celine Rattray elaborated on the Garden State influences of Wiig’s anticipated comedy. She says Bening will be an over-the-top, stereotypical Jersey mom. Darren Criss also is on board as Wiig’s younger love interest
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Annette Bening Teaming Up With Little Miss Sunshine Directors For He Loves Me
I expect there's a serious casting derby right now figuring out who will play Mort, since playing Bening's spouse on film typically works out pretty well-- just look at Kevin Spacey and his Oscar-winning role in American Beauty, or Julianne Moore and the acclaim she got for The Kids Are All Right
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Actress Annette Bening Pushing Warren Beatty To Direct Again
Annette Bening is urging her husband, acting legend Warren Beatty, to step behind the camera once again. He has only made five films as a director.
Three New Images From The Kids Are All Right
The Kids Are All Right may have been my favorite film of Sundance, a warm and funny take on modern family life starring Annette Bening and Julianne Moore as lesbians raising teenage kids
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Sundance Review: Mother And Child
As the movie pulled hard on the reins to jerk the tears out of its audience in the last half hour, I was definitely one of few people with dry eyes in the house, but I can't have been the only one who felt thoroughly manipulated
Sundance Review: The Kids Are All Right
Lisa Cholodenko's film is sure-handed, warm and funny, a crowdpleaser that isn't too pleased with itself, despite the presence of organic farmers and smart teenagers and all the other tropes of smug liberal filmmaking that might normally make me cringe
Focus Features Picks Up The Kids Are All Right
Summit, Fox Searchlight, Sony Pictures Classics and The Weinstein Company were all gunning for it apparently, and it would have been a smart buy by anyone. The movie is funny and tender and moves along nicely
Anthony Hopkins To Go Fishing As Hemingway
It's amazing that there haven't been more films made about the life of Ernest Hemingway. Unfortunately, the lone representation of him on screen is In Love and War. Yes, that movie with Chris O'Donnell. Snore. The guy lived such a full and eventful life
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Gary Marshall And Richard Gere Remaking Capra
Frank Capra made one movie set in our nation's capital, Mr. Smith Goes to Washington, that has become a classic. But apparently there's another one lurking in his filmography that Gary Marshall sees fit to bring back to life
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Annette Bening And Julianne Moore Get Hitched
How cool would it be to have Annette Bening and Julianne Moore as your parents? Two actresses who both deserve Oscars but have never won one, two actresses who are essentially fearless in the roles they choose, and two actresses you imagine could probably teach you a lot about life if you grew up in their house
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