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Evil Dead 2 Momentum Has Stalled

Evil Dead was a big hit, pulling in $97 million worldwide. So you'd think a sequel would be a no-brainer. But the reboot's writer-director Fede Alvarez isn't committing to a timeline for his Evil Dead 2.

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Evil Dead Remake Screenwriter Says He And Director Fede Alvarez Won't Be Back For The Sequel

While it's far from unusual for filmmakers to drop out of a project (we hear reports about it just about every week), what makes this news extra surprising is just how successful Evil Dead was when it came out in early April. Made for a very tiny $17 million, the film wound up pulling in $25 million in its first weekend domestically, and by the end of its run internationally it made nearly $100 million.

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Evil Dead Remake Director Claims Sam Raimi Is Directing Army Of Darkness 2

If this some kind of Halloween hoax, rabid horror fans will see that heads roll. Fede Alvarez, director of the Evil Dead remake, has announced on Twitter that the original Evil Dead creator Sam Raimi will return to the franchise to direct the Army of Darkness sequel.

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Army Of Darkness Sequel Confirmed By Bruce Campbell Once Again

This is the kind of story that needs at least ten exclamation points in the headline, but I understand why my editors would frown upon that. Genre fans everywhere will be hailing to the king now that Bruce Campbell himself has confirmed that a sequel to Sam Raimi’s 1992 comedy horror cult classic Army of Darkness is on the way, and that he’ll definitely be involved. Ash Williams is coming back!

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