An Interactive Avatar Exhibit Is Opening Soon And Sounds Incredible, Get The Details
If you've been waiting patiently for those long delayed Avatar'll have to keep waiting. However, there is something coming that may keep you entertained until then.
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Why The Avatar Sequel Release Dates Aren't Set In Stone, According To James Cameron
While the competition scrambles to stake out release dates as quickly as possible, James Cameron isn't too worried about when he's planning to drop his next four Avatar sequels. His mind is on another, more pressing concern when it comes to his long awaited follow-ups.
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What The Avatar Sequels Will Be About, According To James Cameron
Plot details are still scarce concerning Avatar 2 and the other sequels, but director James Cameron has provided another hint about their plots.
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How Stephen Lang Learned He’d Be Coming Back For Avatar 2 And Beyond
As you may remember, Stephen Lang's character in James Cameron's Avatar, Colonel Quaritch, didn't live to see the end of the movie. Because of this, it was rather surprising news when it was revealed by the writer/director that Quaritch would be destined to become the Darth Vader of the franchise.
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The Real Reason Avatar Needed Three More Sequels, According To James Cameron
James Cameron's Avatar sequels have been pushed back so many times that they almost feel like they should have been cancelled by now. And yet, the director himself has some reasons as to why those films still need to exist.
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Avatar 2: What We Know So Far
Who from the cast of the first movie is coming back for Avatar 2? Where will the new story take us? Everything James Cameron has planned for the sequel is here.
James Cameron's Plan For Filming His Four Avatar Sequels Sounds Overly Complicated
James Cameron has recently come out and explained that the Avatar sequel production schedule will set itself apart from most film series because all four sequels will film simultaneously.
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How James Cameron Feels About His Avatar Sequels Competing Against Star Wars
James Cameron seems to have realized potential risks of Avatar going up against Star Wars at the box office in the coming years, and has taken specific steps to avoid that scenario.
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Avatar 5 Is Apparently Happening, Because James Cameron Likes Planning Way In Advance
What do you think? Will James Cameron ever deliver Avatar 5? Will he ever deliver Avatar 2?! Weigh in.
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The Part Of Avatar 2 James Cameron's Currently Working On
While the majority of news we’ve seen regarding Avatar 2 over the last few years has been about a new delay every now and then, it now looks like the film may actually be moving forward.
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8 Long-Delayed Sequels We Are Dying To See
With Zoolander 2 hitting theaters this weekend, we've got long-delayed sequels on the brain. Some of these turn out great, others not so much, but here are some that we have high hopes for.
Avatar 2 Just Got Delayed... Again
James Cameron’s sequels to the highest grossing movie of all time have had a very long road to theaters. And the road just got longer. The first of a new trilogy of the Avatar franchise was set to release next year, but Twentieth Century Fox just pushed the next movie back.
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Avatar Is No Longer America's Most Popular Movie, Your Move James Cameron
Can Cameron reclaim the box office crowns by revisiting Pandora? Or will future Star Wars movies be contending with The Force Awakens for box-office supremacy?
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When Avatar 2 Expects To Begin, According To James Cameron
For as much work as James Cameron has been putting into his upcoming Avatar sequels, much of it has been happening under the radar. The next film in the series seems like it’s been in preproduction for the better part of the last decade.
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Star Wars: The Force Awakens Off To A Red-Hot Start Overseas
I’m leaning on Star Wars owning every single record in the books by the time all the dust has settled. In fact, the only one I’m sure J.J. Abrams has his eye on is $2.788 billion, which is the Worldwide Total for Avatar, the highest grossing movie of all time.
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Why James Cameron Is Nervous About Avatar 2
James Cameron candidly admits that making a sequel to the highly divisive Avatar is incredibly challenging.
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Avatar 2 Aliens Look Very, Very Familiar
It's been almost six years since Avatar became the biggest movie ever, and though the sequels are still a ways off, we've got a new look at the aliens in the film, and they look remarkably familiar.
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Why Avatar 2 Has Taken Such An Insanely Long Time
While the first of James Cameron's three upcoming Avatar sequels was originally going to be released at the end of 2016, that planned shifted in January when it was revealed that the schedule was being pushed back a full year. Why did this happen? 20th Century Fox chairman-CEO Jim Gianopulos has a direct answer.
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James Cameron Is Preparing For Way More Avatar Movies
There could be a fifth Avatar film, even though James Cameron is trying his damnedest to keep that from happening.
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Why 2016 Could Be A Hot Mess For Movie Theaters
For good while, 2016 was looking to be a tremendous opportunity for the theater industry to grow. Coming off some optimistic stock reports at the end of March, next year looked to enjoy surefire tentpole hits galore, rising concessions sales and experimental aesthetic options. Yet, the latest forecast from Wall Street soothsayers seem to indicate that 2016 will be anything but superb.
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