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Holy Pandora, Avatar 2 Is Actually Starting Filming

James Cameron's Avatar sequels have been in development hell for so long we've never been entirely convinced they're ever actually going to happen. And yet, recent evidence seems to insist that they will.

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Josh Brolin Just Went Off About James Cameron And Avatar 2

It seems that James Cameron and Josh Brolin are not on the best of terms after a disagreement over Avatar 2. Here's what we know.

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Who The Villain Of The Avatar Sequels Is, According To James Cameron

Sometimes, when James Cameron drops a new piece of information on the planned Avatar sequels, it makes us scratch our heads. Like when he says who the main villain of all four films will be.

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Another Dead Avatar Character Will Somehow Be Back For The Sequels

After years of delays and no news at all, the Avatar sequels are now shifting into high gear as all four of them go into simultaneous production. Another piece of casting news has been announced. And this one is as odd as the rest.

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The Special Effects Work Has Finally Begun On All The Avatar Movies

After years of false starts, it appears that the Avatar sequels are actually happening. While in most cases this would mean that filming has begun, in the case of Avatar, it's the digital effects that are reportedly underway.

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Avatar 2 Is Bringing Back Another Familiar Face

James Cameron has officially tapped another one of his original Avatar stars to return for the 2020 sequel.

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Sigourney Weaver Defends Avatar Sequels, Teases Plot

Sigourney Weaver has come to the franchise's defense, while also teasing what to expect from the upcoming sequels- if they ever get here.

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What The Avatar Sequels Are Going To Focus On

After years of expectations and promises, the Avatar sequels appear to truly be on the way to actually being made. Now, we have a bit of information about what the stories will actually be focused on.

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Avatar 2 Just Added Another Star From The Original Movie

Against all odds, logic, and reason, it looks like Avatar 2 may actually happen. Most of the old band is back together, and now the sequel has brought back another character from the original film.

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Machines Are A Much Bigger Threat Now Than When Terminator Came Out, According To James Cameron

If you bring up James Cameron's Terminator franchise, he'll quickly remind you that ever since he created the seminal technology-wants-to-kill-us cyber-thriller, things have gotten worse. A lot worse.

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Why James Cameron Isn't Worried About The Gap Between Avatar And Avatar 2

Speaking out at the opening of Pandora in Walt Disney World's Animal Kingdom, the director explained why he really isn't worried about the big time gap.

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Check Out The Avatar Cast Checking Out The New Disney World Land

Disney World's latest attraction, Pandora - The World of Avatar, had its dedication ceremony today, and some of Avatar's biggest faces showed up for the occasion.

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The Avatar Sequel Has Signed On Its First Star

After years of sitting in production purgatory, it's beginning to look like the Avatar sequels might actually happen. Real living humans are claiming that filming is about to get started and all four of the upcoming movies have been given release dates. Now, the first actor who wasn't in the original film has reportedly been cast.

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Avatar 2 Has Another New Release Date But This Time So Do All The Sequels

James Cameron has one ambition plan for the future of the Avatar series. The director has a whopping four sequels planned and now we know when each one will be hitting theaters. Hit the jump to save the date(s).

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When Avatar 2 Is Finally Starting Production

Avatar 2 has been in pre-production since shortly after the first film was released in theaters. Nearly a decade later we're still waiting for the first of several sequels to even begin filming, but more information has to come to light which says that the long-delayed project may finally be about to get off the ground.

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When Avatar 2 Will Begin Shooting, According To Sigourney Weaver

James Cameron has been preparing to make sequels to Avatar for so long that we're honestly not sure if those movies will ever come out. However, a new word from one of the film's stars seems confident that the movies will arrive.

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One Big Change James Cameron Wants To Help Theaters Make To Get Ready For The Avatar Sequels

James Cameron wants to make the Avatar sequels look even prettier up on the big screen. So, here's what he is doing.

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Why Avatar 2 Won’t Make Its 2018 Release Date, According To James Cameron

If there's one good thing you can say about the Avatar sequels, nobody can accuse them of being rushed into production. Quite the opposite, the movies keep getting pushed back. Guess what?

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Ubisoft Is Working On A New Avatar Game

Ubisoft announced that they've partnered with Lightstorm Entertainment to start work on a game based on James Cameron's Avatar. They have Massive Entertainment, one of their subsidiaries, working on the project and the game will be based on the Snowdrop engine that powers The Division.

What Avatar 2 Will Be About, According To Sam Worthington

Sam Worthington has already read the script for Avatar 2, and he's provided some details on what to expect.

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