Netflix New Releases: Full List Of Movies And TV Shows Streaming Soon
Netflix continues to update its lineup with new titles each month. Here's the full list of movies and TV shows being added for streaming subscribers.
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Watch Michael J. Fox And Coldplay Deliver The Perfect Back To The Future Tribute
With a little help from Coldplay, Michael J. Fox just took part in a Back To The Future medley that will make you as joyous as the time George McFly punched Biff in the face.
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One Steven Spielberg Reference That's Definitely Going To Be In Ready Player One
Author Ernie Cline's novel Ready Player One is filled to the brim with references to the works of director Steven Spielberg -- but we already know that's something that's going to be changed in a big way for Spielberg's upcoming big screen adaptation.
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The Awesome Way Last Man On Earth Will Reference Back To The Future
A new clip for the upcoming season finale of The Last Man on Earth promises an endlessly awesome reference to the 1985 classic Back to the Future.
Watch This Suicide Squad Parody Propose A Less Effective, Much Funnier Team
If the Suicide Squad isn't cutting it, and you're not laughing enough, then you're going to have to go elsewhere to get the job done. Which is why we're proud to present to you the "B-team" of villains and eccentrics, tasked with the most important mission of all: laughter.
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Watch Your Favorite Movies End The Second Someone Says The Title
What would your favorite movies be like if they ended as soon as their titles were uttered? Luckily, the internet has coughed up a video that answers that questions for us.
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The Back To The Future Cast Is Reuniting, Get The Details
In 2015, we were all reminded that about how much fun the Back to the Future franchise is when we celebrated Back to the Future Day. However, 2016 will be the year that we get to see many of the cast members together again. The only catch, you’ll have to be in Northern California next month in order to see it.
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Priest Goes All Marty McFly In Church, Has To Pay The Price
It’s a scene that likely would have been deleted, had it ever been filmed in Back to the Future: Part II. Apparently riding a hoverboard in church is something one simply does not do.
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The Back To The Future Porn Parody Trailer Is NSFW Greatness
“Are you telling me you built a sex time machine?” The porn industry often takes extremely popular movies and tweaks them ever so slightly so that they can become adult films. Here's the latest.
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Despite Back To The Future's Warning, Jeb Bush Would Still Time Travel To Kill Hitler
Politics is always a dicey subject and we always want CB to be a place where movie fans can come together. Sometimes, however, the politicians bring themselves into our sphere and we just can’t help ourselves.
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Back To The Future Marathons Earned A Surprising Amount Of Money
Back To The Future made some serious bank last night. The exact amount is to be revealed after the jump, as no outsider should know too much about their own past!
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Watch Marty And Doc Brown Reunite In The Best Back To The Future Tribute
In case you didn’t notice, yesterday was Back to the Future Day. Among all the festivities — both online and in the real world — cast members Michael J. Fox and Christopher Lloyd reprised their famous roles just for Jimmy Kimmel Live.
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Back To The Future Modeled This Character On Donald Trump, Because Of Course
Apparently, Donald Trump inspired a character in the Back To The Future franchise. You know exactly who it is, so validate your favorite fan theory by clicking through to the evidence.
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The Back To The Future Honest Trailer Is Really Mean On This Special Day
Is it mean of the folks at Screen Junkies to release an Honest Trailer for the Back to the Future trilogy on this unique fan anniversary? That’s like telling a kid on his birthday that he’s failed so miserably, he has to repeat a grade.
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Watch A Fox News Host Accidentally Slam His Head Into A DeLorean Door
it's been a day filled with plenty of references to the movie, and apparently, even Fox & Friends desired to get in on the action. During today’s episode of the Fox News program, Brian Kilmeade totally smacked his head getting out of a DeLorean on the news program. It’s too amusing
Watch Doc Brown's Exclusive New Message To Back To The Future Fans
Through the Back to the Future series, we’ve learned that messing with the space time continuum is bad news, but also that our collective futures aren’t written, and we have an exclusive new video message from Doc Brown himself reminding us of that fact.
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Eric Stoltz Had A Much Bigger Impact On Back To The Future Than We Thought
Actress Lea Thompson is probably most known for her work as Marty McFly's mom in Back to the Future. Now, she reveals the reason another actor had a more concrete impact on the filming than anyone had considered before.
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Why Crispin Glover Had A Serious Problem With Back To The Future's Ending
Did you have the same issues with BTTF’s ending? Did you even think about this? Or do you think Crispin Glover is making a mountain out of a mole hill? Weigh in below!
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Back To The Future Conspiracy Theory Connects The Trilogy To The Sept. 11 Attacks
This is all nonsense, right? There’s absolutely no way that the Back to the Future movies could contain any references to terrorist attacks that wouldn’t take place for another 11 years. It’s physically impossible, on every level. And yet...
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Back To The Future 4? Christopher Lloyd Says This
Are we getting a Back To The Future 4? Christopher Lloyd would love to do one, but only if the script was just right.
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