One Reason Marvel Needs To Do That Black Widow Movie Sooner Rather Than Later
Black Widow's popularity has grown to the point where many fans have been clamoring for her to lead her own movie. Here's one reason Marvel may want to get on that sooner rather than later.
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Captain America: Civil War Almost Gave Us An Important Glimpse Into Black Widow’s Backstory
We've gotten glimpses into her past, but a lack of a solo movie has made Black Widow much more underdeveloped than her peers. Well, it turns out we were originally supposed to get more Black Widow history in Captain America: Civil War.
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Why Two Avengers Were Left Out Of A Pivotal Civil War Battle Scene
Watching the first big action sequence in Captain America: Civil War - where the Avengers fight in Lagos against terrorists led by Crossbones -- you may have noticed that there are two key members of the team missing.
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Why Civil War’s Fight Choreographer Prefers Planning Battles For Female Superheroes
One can online imagine the fun that comes with imagining battles with Iron Man one day, and then Spider-Man the next. There's a lot of variety in the work -- but James Young has found that he likes choreographing the women characters more than the men
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Is Another Avenger Being Quietly Added To Spider-Man: Homecoming? Rumors Are Swirling
With the next couple entries in the Marvel Cinematic Universe focusing on different aspects of the world, Spider-Man: Homecoming will be the next film that will likely give us some information about the state of the Avengers. As such, it appears we may get to see even more of them than we thought.
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Two Reasons Why Joss Whedon Still Wants To Direct That Black Widow Movie
Just because Joss Whedon isn't not closely involved with Marvel anymore doesn't mean he wouldn't helm a smaller scale movie for the studio. In fact, he's particularly keen about directing a Black Widow movie.
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Why Scarlett Johansson Loves Playing Black Widow So Much
Actress Scarlett Johansson recently opened up regarding why she enjoys portraying the badass hero Black Widow in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.
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What Black Widow Almost Looked Like In Captain America: Civil War
Black Widow may not have the flashiest costume when compared to her counterparts in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but that doesn't mean her look doesn't get as much consideration as everybody else.
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Anthony Mackie Wants To Accompany This Fellow Avenger Into Their Solo Movie
The Falcon may be known as Steve Rogers' best friend in the 21st century, but that doesn't mean he can't share the love. This is the Avenger Anthony Mackie would love to star in a solo movie with.
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Avengers 3: Everything We Know About Infinity War
In Avengers 3 everything we've seen so far in the comic book movie world has been building towards an epic big screen battle against the alien warlord known as Thanos. It's called the Infinity War and Marvel will split it into two parts.
10 Times Black Widow Proved Why She Deserves Her Own Solo Movie
The ten moments from the Marvel Cinematic Universe that definitely prove that Black Widow deserves her own solo outing.
Two Heroes Who Were Supposed To Fight In Civil War, And Why They Didn't
There were a lot of fights going on in Captain America: Civil War climactic airport battle, but one originally in the script didn’t end up making the cut. Here’s why. Warning: spoilers are ahead!
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A Black Widow Movie In Marvel's Phase Four? Here's What Kevin Feige Said
Kevin Feige, the president of Marvel Studios, recently spoke regarding which characters might be receiving the solo treatment in Phase Four of the MCU.
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The Avenger Who Needs Their Own Solo Movie, According To Fans
While the Marvel Cinematic Universe is about to unleash their 13th film, there are several heroes within the MCU who have never been given their share of the spotlight. 1,000 movie fans were recently asked which hero, currently on Marvel’s second string, should get the promotion to headliner.
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Civil War: Why Black Widow Chose Team Iron Man, According To The Producer
Most of the heroes’ motivations in Civil War seem clear, but others are a bit more confusing. Especially Black Widow, who surprisingly is siding with Team Iron Man for the main conflict.
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This Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Actor Thinks They Can Take Down Black Widow
Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. usually operates in its own little corner of the MCU but that hasn't stopped some of the cast from getting into the Captain America:Civil War spirit. This is the actor who thinks their character could throw down with Black Widow.
7 Marvel Characters We'd Love To See In The Spider-Man Movie
When Tom Holland appears on screen in Captain America: Civil War he’ll be the third Spider-Man in 14 years. Then, in 2017, he’ll be starring in fist first standalone film within the Marvel Cinematic Universe. However, he may not be alone.
See Team Iron Man Face Off With The Enemy In 5 Captain America: Civil War Posters
Yesterday, we were introduced to all the members of Team Captain America, the Avengers who will unite behind the super soldier when the government decides to try and get everybody with powers to play ball. Today, it's the other guys turn
The Avengers: Ranking The Most Likely Candidates To Join The New Team
Avengers: Infinity War co-director Joe Russo recently said that the supporting Avengers will become the primary Avengers during the MCU’s Phase 3. Here are the candidates we think will compose the new lineup of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes.
Why A Black Widow Movie Needs To Happen, According To The Russo Brothers
Scarlett Johansson's Black Widow has done a fantastic job as the lone female Avenger, but she’s been carrying most of the weight of women in the MCU herself and thus far she’s been doing it as a backup player.
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