6 Marvel Characters Who Could Be Introduced In Avengers: Infinity War
Which new Marvel characters are big enough to shine among the established heroes and villains in Avengers: Infinity War? We have a few candidates in mind...
Captain Marvel Reportedly Looking At These Three Directors
It sounds like the search for the Captain Marvel director has finally come down to three very distinct, but also very interesting filmmakers.
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Shazam: What We Know So Far
On April 5, 2019, moviegoers will find themselves uttering the true magic word: Shazam! The film is still a little under four years away, but there is still enough to chew on. Here's every we know so far about the 2019 film.
Why Did Marvel Reveal Brie Larson As Captain Marvel So Soon? Here Are Our Best Guesses
While it's great to finally know who's playing Captain Marvel, one question that's been on our minds in the weeks since is why did the reveal come so soon? We have a few guesses...
Why Civil War’s Fight Choreographer Prefers Planning Battles For Female Superheroes
One can online imagine the fun that comes with imagining battles with Iron Man one day, and then Spider-Man the next. There's a lot of variety in the work -- but James Young has found that he likes choreographing the women characters more than the men
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What Brie Larson Might Look Like In Captain Marvel
We've still got three years to wait until Captain Marvel is with us. But a rather talented illustrator has predicted what Brie Larson will look like as Carol Danvers, and it looks superb.
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Why Marvel Plans To Make Major Changes To Captain Marvel's Origin For The Movie
As more Marvel superheroes come to the big screen, changes have to be made to their classic origin stories so that they don't come across as clones of something DC did... or even something Marvel did in an earlier movie.
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Brie Larson Is Already Getting Into Character For Captain Marvel, Check It Out
Brie Larson is apparently already doing some major research in order to step into the spandex of Captain Marvel. Check out how far she's taking it.
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Captain Marvel's Movie: What We Know So Far
It's true that DC Comics will be beating Marvel Studios to the box office with their first female-led superhero blockbuster in the form of 2017's Wonder Woman, but the folks at the House of Ideas truthfully aren't trailing too far behind.
Why Brie Larson Is The Perfect Choice For Captain Marvel, According To One Of Marvel’s Writers
Just when you thought Brie Larson's casting as Captain Marvel couldn't reach any higher level of approval, one of the writers instrumental to her iconic comic history has come forward to voice their agreement in the affirmative. Read on to get the details.
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Brie Larson’s Message To Her Captain Marvel Supporters Is Awesome And Empowering
Overnight at San Diego Comic-Con, Brie Larson became the most talked about woman in Hollywood for the second time this year. The Oscar winner will be the big screen Captain Marvel, after having some time to adjust, it appears she's ready to take on the load.
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Why Brie Larson Is The Best Choice For Captain Marvel
Over the past couple of years one of the biggest questions in Hollywood is who would finally be cast as Captain Marvel. In that time it seems that nearly every woman capable of throwing a punch was rumored as being interested, or considered, for the part. Now the decision has been made, and Brie Larson is the best choice for several, key reasons.
Is Marvel Looking At A Flash And Doctor Who Director For Captain Marvel?
Now that we know Brie Larson is playing Carol Danvers, the next biggest question is who will direct Captain Marvel. That has yet to be answered, but now word is out that director with superhero experience is being eyed.
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Watch Brie Larson Announced As Captain Marvel At The Hall H Panel
Marvel recently announced that Academy Award winner Brie Larson will be joining the MCU as Captain Marvel. And the video of this announcement is pretty priceless.
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Why Brie Larson Was Perfect For Captain Marvel, According To Kevin Feige
After the panel, CinemaBlend was lucky enough to interview Kevin Feige, and I asked that if he had more time on Hall H, what else would he have told us about Captain Marvel, and the Oscar winning actress who just joined the MCU.
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Marvel Studios Has Officially Found Its Captain Marvel, Get The Details
With Benedict Cumberbatch signed as Doctor Strange, Tom Holland on-board as Spider-Man and Chadwick Boseman playing Black Panther, Marvel Studios has almost entirely cast its roster of superheroes getting new solo movies in the Marvel Cinematic Universe's Phase Three... but there has been one character left as a big question mark: Captain Marvel.
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Chris Evans Reponds To Brie Larson Captain Marvel Rumors
During a recent Wizard World panel, Chris Evans chimed in with his thoughts on the potential casting of Brie Larson as Carol Danvers a.k.a Captain Marvel.
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Captain Marvel May Already Be Looking At These Two Directors
So, we know that Marvel is vetting candidates. And we think we know that they are zeroing in on hiring Brie Larson to play Captain Marvel. Could we get a Hall H reveal at San Diego Comic-Con? That’s starting to feel likely.
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Captain Marvel Is Eyeing This Award-Winning Actress For Carol Danvers
Really, the only big name character in Phase Three without an actor attached at this point is Captain Marvel, but that may soon change.
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10 Famous Actors Who Turned Down Roles In Superhero Movies
Mel Gibson's bit of almost-happened casting got us remembering the 10 best examples of prominent superhero roles that were ALMOST played by another actor. See if you can picture the famous comic-book character, as played by these alternates.

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