Blendcast: Three Men And An R.O.U.S.
Oh God. Sometimes you just saunter along thinking all is well and then you have Katey Rich on the Blendcast and her appearance makes you realize just how far you have left to go as a broadcast journalist
Comic Con: Exclusive Interview With Mystery Team
Unlike thousands of Comic Con goers, I wasn't actually lucky enough to catch a screening of Mystery Team, the first feature from the newly relocated to Los Angeles comedy troupe Derrick Comedy. But I think I got the next best thing
The Full Chuck And Heroes Comic Con Panel Videos
For those of you wondering what you missed at Comic Con as far as Chuck and Heroes goes, posted video recordings of the panels that took place for each show. We’ve got them posted right here for you so you can get caught up on all the pre-season Chuck and Heroes goodness.
Comic Con: Zack Snyder Has Seen 300 In 3D
There might be another kind of future for King Leonidas and his doomed men. Though he wouldn't tell us whether a release was imminent, Snyder told us during a roundtable interview on Saturday that he has seen a 3D version of 300
Movie News
Exclusive Video Interview: Director Neill Blomkamp Enters District 9
Neill Blomkamp could be any other first-time filmmaker, turning his short film into a feature, getting studio distribution and hoping for the best. He's a young guy and friendly, blending in nicely with the Comic Con crowd
Movie News
Comic Con: The Darkness 2 Revealed, Not Being Developed By Starbreeze Studios
Top Cow Productions' comic The Darkness will get another video game tie-in son. At Comic Con, they revealed that a sequel is in development.
Comic-Con: Mike Judge Gets The Shaft Again While Promoting Extract
Some panels really get the bad end of the stick, and the Extract panel was definitely one of those. When you have to go on an hour before Jon Favreau and Iron Man 2
Movie News
Comic Con: Kevin Smith Q&A Compares Twilight To Hustler
Anyone who’s seen any of Kevin Smith’s Evening With DVDs knows exactly what to expect from a Smith Q&A, and the closing panel of Saturday’s Comic Con was no different
Movie News
Comic Con: Solomon Kane Butchers Pigs Dressed In Leather
After a minor exchanging of words with a security guard, a wasted 30 minutes, and a long wait in the San Diego heat, I finally made it to the Solomon Kane pane
Movie News
Comic Con Early Review: Eastwick
Starring Rebecca Romijn, Lindsay Price, and Jaime Ray Newman, Eastwick is an adaptation of John Updike’s popular novel about Witches in suburbia. And as a primetime network show, it’s exactly what you would expect from that premise: Desperate Housewives with magic powers.
Comic Con: Zack Snyder Updates Us On The 300 Sequel
I caught up with him during a roundtable interview from a hotel suite where he and his puppy were hanging out, and amid lots of questions about Watchmen, which we'll get to later, he answered an early query about the planned sequel for 300
Movie News
Comic Con In Photos: The Costumes
Get excited about Iron Man 2 or Avatar all you want. Everyone knows that one of the best parts of Comic Con is the costumes, the handmade and exquisite creations that fans parade all around the convention center, able to be out and proud among their geek brethren
Movie News
Comic Con: True Blood Promises Sex, Violence, And Things That Make Women Scream
The True Blood panel was the last of the day in Ballroom 20. It was packed, as in packed to the gills, as in not a seat available anywhere
Comic Con Video: Josh Holloway Joins The Lost Panel Antics
Taking part in all the fun was also the sexiest man of the show, Josh Holloway, who took the stage after being introduced by a montage of Sawyer shooting people, taking off his shirt, and looking generally badass
Comic Con Video: Robert Downey Jr. On Sherlock Holmes
A lot of celebrities and famous people have graced the stage at Hall H this year, but for my money, there's only been one movie star. When Robert Downey Jr. popped up onstage during the Warner Bros. panel, unannounced, the crowd went nuts
Movie News
Comic Con: Title Change Coming For A Couple Of Dicks
Kevin Smith’s had nothing but trouble when it comes to movie titles. Many blame the mediocre performance of his last movie Zack and Mirie Make a Porno on the word “porno”, which turned off mainstream audiences
Movie News
Comic Con: Video Of What's To Come For True Blood
Today at Comic Con HBO released an exclusive trailer for True Blood fans who want to know what’s in store for the rest of the second season of this bloody good show. HBO posted the video on their website tonight. Check it out ahead…
Comic Con: Scott Mosier Ditches Kevin Smith To Make His Own Action Movie
If you’ve been following the career of indie director Kevin Smith, then you know that you can no longer call him an indie director. He’s recently started work on his first studio project, a buddy copy movie called A Couple of Dicks
Movie News
Make Tru Blood Your Beverage Of Choice, Bottled Blood In Stores Soon
I’m kind of shocked this hadn’t already been done. The Tru Blood panel is currently underway in San Diego at Comic Con, and according to our intrepid reporter Ed Perkis, the biggest announcement so far was that you’ll soon be able to drink
Comic Con: Simpsons Guest Voices Revealed, Morgan Spurlock Documenting
The Simpsons is officially the longest running sitcom in history. In San Diego at Comic Con’s Simpsons panel, Matt Groening received an award by the Guiness Book of World Records for the longest running sitcom in history

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