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Take A Trippy Trip Into The Desert With Michael Cera And Gaby Hoffman In The First Crystal Fairy Trailer

This is probably more like Cera’s past roles than I’m willing to admit, but he isn’t usually on drugs and he doesn’t usually have hair this amazing. But the real switcheroo is being performed by former child actress Gaby Hoffman (Field of Dreams), who plays the titular Crystal Fairy.

Sundance Video Blog #2: Crystal Fairy Is The Michael Cera Doing Drugs In Chile Movie, And It's Great

Crystal Fairy-- real name unknown-- is first seen jumping into the middle of a dance circle, a big mess of frizzy brown hair and too many bangles, moving way too slowly for the music that's playing. She's the kind of girl who's constantly offering to massage your aura, or insisting that everyone do a meditation before dinner

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Michael Cera Is Tweaking And Hitting On Hookers In Crystal Fairy Clips

In Crystal Fairy, Cera stars as Jamie, an American tourist who goes on a bad trip (of at least two varieties) when he decides to invite a stranger on a road trip into the desert, where he gets high on Mescaline. The first clip is clearly from the desert section of the film, but I wonder if the second precedes it in the film.

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