Trainspotting 2 Video Chooses Nostalgia And Reveals Its Release Date
A new video for Trainspotting 2 has tapped into our collective nostalgia for the original, and revealed when the long-awaited sequel will hit theaters.
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Miss Saigon Movie In The Works With Les Miserables Team and Oscar-Winning Director
Long-running Broadway musical Miss Saigon is getting a movie adaptation, and the team behind it is perfect.
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Trainspotting 2 Cast: Here's Who's Set To Return
Trainspotting 2's shoot date has been confirmed, and we couldn't be more excited. Even better is the fact that we've also got a full rundown of who will be returning for the hugely anticipated sequel.
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How Trainspotting 2 Will Deal With the 20 Year Gap Between Films
It seems like this is the age where movies and TV shows from years past are returning, much to the glee of fans. From Star Wars, Wet Hot American Summer, The X-Files, and now Trainspotting, the seemingly impossible remakes and sequels are real.
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Why Steve Jobs Flopped, According To Its Director
Most critics agree that the new film about Apple founder Steve Jobs is really quite good. While this might bode well for the film’s award prospects going into the end of the year, awards don’t pay the bills.
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How Badly Steve Jobs Failed In Theaters
This doesn’t mean that the movie’s Oscar chances are done, however, they have decreased. Box office obviously isn’t the only factor that goes in to a successful awards campaign, and films that earned less than Steve Jobs have landed Best Picture nominations.
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Steve Jobs Movie Is Being Sued For A Fishy Reason
Steve Jobs has upset a great many people, but now it seems even the minor details of the film are falling under legal scrutiny.
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Steve Jobs Was Almost A Very Different Movie, Here's How
Steve Jobs was almost a completely different film. In fact it was almost directed by David Fincher, starring Christian Bale, and financed by Sony. Would it have been better if it had?
Awards Blend: How Many Oscars Can Steve Jobs Actually Win?
Steve Jobs strikes me as the type of movie that the industry will appreciate, though the general public might not. There’s nothing to warm up to in Boyle’s film, no hero to champion or mission to follow. And yet, you can't take your eyes off of it.
The Real Reason Danny Boyle Kept Delaying Trainspotting 2
In the twenty years since the release of Trainspottingthere has been chatter about a sequel. Now, not only do we have confirmation that one is forthcoming, but we also know why there hasn’t been one yet: the cast was fearful that a sequel might tank.
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Why The Steve Jobs Movie Played With Facts
It's no secret that Tim Cook doesn’t really approve of the Steve Jobs biopic. The thing is, though, the filmmakers behind Steve Jobs have been pretty clear that the film plays with the facts. According to Kate Winslet, it was important for the story’s sake to play with the facts.
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Danny Boyle For 28 Months Later? Here's What He Said
Danny Boyle has made some recent remarks on the possibility of his directing 28 Months Later, and the results might shock you.
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Why Steve Jobs' Ending Was Changed After It Was Screened For Critics
Back during the Telluride Film Festival, Danny Boyle billed the screening of Steve Jobs as a “work in progress.” The filmmaker told press that he was still tweaking bits of the film, though the specifics were unclear at the time. During the press junket for Steve Jobs a couple weeks back, Cinema Blend sat down with Boyle, and he discussed the changes more in-depth, as well as their overall purpose.
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The Steve Jobs Film Isn't What Everyone Thinks It Is, According To Aaron Sorkin
Steve Jobs is not your typical biopic. In fact, it’s not a biopic at all, according to screenwriter Aaron Sorkin. The spitfire wordsmith behind The Newsroom, The West Wing, and The Social Network sat down with Cinema Blend to chat about his take on the late Apple co-founder.
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How Steve Jobs' Widow Tried To Stop The New Movie
When biopics are made they are often controversial. When you’re digging around in somebody’s history you are bound to upset people, and that’s apparently what happened in the case of the upcoming Steve Jobs.
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Trainspotting 2 Is Moving Forward With A Significant Change
Trainspotting 2 has been talked about for years, and while it still looks to be moving forward, it is doing so with one major change: it is no longer called Porno.
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New Steve Jobs Trailer Shows Off The Three Stages Of Michael Fassbender
Following the film’s debut at the Telluride Film Festival and ahead of its upcoming premiere at the New York Film Festival, a new Steve Jobs trailer has hit the web. Michael Fassbender stars as the man behind the big Apple, surrounded by a star-studded cast and crew.
Steve Wozniak Has A Strong Opinion On The Steve Jobs Movie
Movies that tell the story of real people, especially those still alive, are even more complicated than normal films, and Steve Wozniak has some very strong feelings about the new Steve Jobs biopic.
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Trainspotting 2 Is Happening, Get The Details
Director Danny Boyle has spent years talking up the idea of doing a sequel to Trainspotting, but has regularly found himself distracted by other projects and opportunities, but that time may be over. This is because the filmmaker is now talking about Trainspotting 2 as his next feature.
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What Steve Wozniak Actually Thinks Of The Steve Jobs Trailer
Biographical films are always walking something of a tightrope. On the one hand they have to tell the true story about what happened to their subject, or they’re not very good biographies. On the other hand, they have to tell interesting, or exciting stories, or they won’t make for very good movies.
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