New Twin Peaks Video Is David Lynch At His Oddest
2017 will bring fervent audiences back to the mysterious and absurd small town of Twin Peaks, and co-creator David Lynch himself is at the center of a brand new teaser.
Twin Peaks Revival: What We Know So Far
In one of the wildest TV decisions ever made, Showtime got behind a limited revival of the surreal murder mystery Twin Peaks, and what follows is everything we know about it. Put on a big pot of coffee or two and read on.
Catherine E. Coulson, Twin Peaks' Log Lady, Dead At 71
2016 is going to be a magical year for television, as Showtime will be bringing Twin Peaks back to audiences for another batch of new episodes. Unfortunately, one very familiar face in that universe will be missing, as the Log Lady has passed away.
The Twin Peaks Reboot Is Definitely Happening With David Lynch
That was a close one. After leaving the project over budget disputes, David Lynch has once again joined Twin Peaks.
Why David Lynch Bailed On The Twin Peaks Revival
For a project that has already been picked up to series, there has been a lot of uncertainty around the Twin Peaks revival. Recent rumors stated the series would no longer be headed to Showtime, but those were seemingly debunked by the network.
Wait, Is The Twin Peaks Reboot Not Happening Now?
If you come up with a thousand different ways to describe David Lynch, you’ll arrive at “intentionally cryptic” well before you get to “straightforward.” And so it goes with the return of Twin Peaks, which Lynch has suddenly become more hesitant to speak about with certainty.
The Reason Why Twin Peaks Is Returning After All These Years
I’m still having trouble believing that today isn’t just some extended lucid dream, with news dropping earlier that Showtime has ordered a new season of the classic drama Twin Peaks. While some of the series’ mysteries have remained unresolved for over two decades, we can take comfort in knowing how creators David Lynch and Mark Frost came to agree on returning to the surreal town for at least one more maddening journey.
Twin Peaks Is Coming Back, Here Are The Specifics
Hopefully you are sitting down with some coffee that’s black as midnight on a moonless night. You’ll need it to process the information we are about to share with you. Twin Peaks is officially returning back to television via a limited event series. We have all the details, here.
Why Twin Peaks Might Be Coming Back
Director David Lynch is known for being a cryptic genius, and he’s just figured out the best way to set the Internet on fire: post a tweet with quite possibly the most ominous quote from his cult mystery series Twin Peaks. But what could it mean?
Twin Peaks: The Entire Mystery Is Coming To Blu-Ray With Damn Fine New Extras
Fans of David Lynch‘s cult mystery series Twin Peaks are finally getting their long-awaited day in the high-definition sun, as the massive Twin Peaks: The Entire Mystery Blu-ray set will fire walk into stores on July 29, and it is definitely the most definitive collection we’ll ever get our hands on.
New Twin Peaks Promo Coming From David Lynch
No details are confirmed just yet, but it’s rumored to be included in the special features for the upcoming Blu-ray set, which itself is rumored to be the most extensive home release Twin Peaks has ever seen, coming with the full series run, Fire Walk with Me, and quite a bit of deleted footage and other special features. With all that, it only makes sense that fans should receive some new footage, regardless of how minimal it might be. But then, very little makes sense in that town.
One Track Sunday: David Lynch Creates New Video for Nine Inch Nails
Over the past few months, the 48-year-old musician has been gearing up to return to his roots with NIN, and earlier this month, the first evidence of that rekindling effort was released. Entitled “Came Back Haunted”, the band’s first single in years dropped earlier this month, and fortunately for fans, it came with a music video for the brand new track, at least if they can deal with shaky horror camera angles.
David Lynch To Act In Daughter Jennifer's Thriller A Fall From Grace
"I didn’t write the role with him in mind," Jennifer says, "but I was thinking of him because he calls up so many powerful and yet fragile elements in my life and because this character is strong but broken down by dementia. So for me, it’s perfect." And her father sounds just as game, promising, “I will be putty in Jen’s hands.”
Movie News
LP Release Tuesday: November 8th, 2011
This week in LP releases holds a special place in my heart, because Pink Floyd is returning to stores with a reissue of Wish You Were Here. Originally released in September of 1975, the forty-six year old masterpiece is still resonating with younger generations and is fresher than ever. Filmmaker David Lynch is also catering to a younger crowd, with another installment from his odd brand of creativity.
Exclusive Blue Velvet Blu-Ray Clip: Isabella Rosselini Bares All
Isabella Rossellini is always a wonderfully frank interview, but it really is something to hear her talking about Dennis Hopper looking directly into her vagina and then laughing it off. I hope what comes right after this clip is David Lynch explaining, in his flat Midwestern accent, why this was absolutely the only way to shoot the scene, or that poor Kyle MacLachlan was somehow similarly put through the wringer
Amazon Has Twin Peaks The Complete Series For 60% Off Today
Through the darkness of future's past, the magician longs to see. One chants out between two worlds... "Fire... walk with me." David Lynch's unforgettable mystery drama is on sale and on the cheap today at Amazon. That's a damn good slice of television.
Filmmaker David Lynch Gives Details On His New Solo Electronic Album Crazy Clown Time
The album will consist of 14 tracks, all of which were written, produced, and performed by Lynch himself with the help of engineer Dean Hurley. The track “Pink’s Dream” will also feature guest vocals by Karen O of Yeah Yeah Yeahs fame. If you are interested, which I sincerely hope you are, you can check out the first single from Lynch’s album Crazy Clown Time
Eastwood Helps Director Lynch's Foundation Launch Veterans Meditation Scheme
Director David Lynch enlisted the help of stars including Clint Eastwood and Russell Brand to launch a meditation scheme for war veterans. The Mulholland Drive moviemaker has long championed
Fund David Lynch's Next Documentary And Win His Self-Portrait
So what do you say-- is another unfettered look into Lynch's brain worth the $50? Like I said I'd rather maintain the mystery, but that self-portrait is pretty tempting
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If there was one catalogue blurb that grabbed attention at this year's Festival it was a collaboration between America and Europe's two most unique film-makers
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