A Don Quixote Movie Is Finally Coming, Just Not The One We Were Expecting
Considering how famous the tale of Don Quixote is, it's surprising it's never been adapted for the big screen. Well, now that's about to change, although it won't be the Don Quixote movie many of us have been expecting.
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Terry Gilliam's Don Quixote Has Been Delayed Again, Of Course
Terry Gilliam is not dead yet, regardless of what you may have read. At the same time, however, the filmmaker has continued to have trouble bringing life to his passion project.
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Terry Gilliam Trying To Make Don Quixote One Last Time
Yes, readers, Gilliam is intending on making his dream/nightmare adaptation the follow up to his upcoming sci-fi fantasy The Zero Theorem. And while we at Cinema Blend are pretty sure we’ll get new music from the Beatles before we see Don Quixote, his adamant intentions are respectable.
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Terry Gilliam Has Written Johnny Depp A Letter About His Disney Don Quixote Movie
Though admittedly tired from the Bucharest shoot of The Zero Theorem, Gilliam seems in good spirits to get rolling on the drama's post-production. Plus, he's hopeful that it will debut in the fall of 2013, declaring it "an autumn film." But when it came to talking about Don Quixote, he's a bit cagier. When asked if he's involved with Depp's project, he seems to say no, but then...
Johnny Depp Developing Modern Version Of Don Quixote At Disney
Johnny Depp brought millions upon millions of dollars to Disney when he starred as Jack Sparrow in the Pirates of the Caribbean movies, and in doing so created an interesting bond with the company. While the studio seems particularly interested in not letting that particular character disappear - more Pirates movies are currently in the pipeline - they have also let Depp branch out a little bit.
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Terry Gilliam's New Don Quixote Movie Collapses And Loses Funding
Terry Gilliam has burned through yet another Don Quixote movie. His last attempt to turn the deluded, windmill battling literary hero into a feature film at least resulted
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Warner Bros. And Joel Silver Planning A Don Quixote Adventure Movie
The news that Warner Bros. is eyeing the same material and trying to make a Pirates of the Caribbean-style swashbuckling adventure out of it doesn't guarantee that Gilliam's project will fail, but
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Duvall Says Gilliam's New Quixote Is Not Using The Old Script
Sitting with the actor at a roundtable interview for Get Low, he said something surprising: the script for the new film is not the same that was used in the Gilliam's first effort
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Duvall Says Colin Farrell's Refusal Delayed Gilliam's Don Quixote
It’s good to know that no matter how bad things might be at your job, somewhere out there things are going even worse for Terry Gilliam at his. The infamously unlucky director has started work again
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Johnny Depp Is Not In Don Quixote, Despite What Gilliam May Have Said
This is based on nothing more than a hunch, really, but I have a feeling that Gilliam must has misheard the question. Given that he took the time to explain why Depp wouldn't be part of the film
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Terry Gilliam Has Cast His Don Quixote
While making the rounds to promote The Imaginarium of Dr. Parnassus, director Terry Gilliam hasn’t been shy about teasing his next project, Don Quixote. He has of course, tried this before. It went so badly
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Terry Gilliam Will Get Don Quixote Back In The Saddle
On top of the film’s fragile schedule and budget the cast and crew suffered through a number of calamities including noise from an aircraft target practice site, a flash flood and the lead actor, Jean Rochefort, suffering a herniated disc
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Johnny Depp Will Never Be Gililam's Don Quixote
As much as Johnny Depp may like Terry Gilliam, he doesn't seem to be willing to go tilting at windmills with the guy all over again. According to Buddy TV, GIlliam has admitted that Depp won't be back with him for the second go-round of The Man Who Killed Don Quixote
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