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Michael Caine And Ben Kingsley Join Brad Anderson's Eliza Graves

The story concerns a young doctor (Jim Sturgess) who arrives at a mental institution for an apprenticeship and finds that the patients have taken over, and the doctors have become imprisoned. The doctor eventually falls for one of the patients (Kate Beckinsale), and weird complications arise.

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Jim Sturgess Joins Kate Beckinsale In Brad Anderson's Poe-Adapted Thriller Eliza Graves

Sturgess will star opposite Kate Beckinsale as a Harvard Medical School graduate working in a mental institution in which the inmates are posing as doctors and have taken over the hospital.

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Kate Beckinsale May Star In Brad Anderson's Eliza Graves

Anderson actually has some experience making thrillers in mental hospitals, as he got his big break directing the 2001 legitimately terrifying Session 9. He is best known, however, for directing The Machinist, starring Christian Bale.

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