This Epic Movie Supercut Highlights All The Crime In 2014
In case you didn't already realize, 2014 was a pretty damn good year for crime movies - and for proof of that fact, you need look no further than the latest supercut that has come across our desk.
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Now Streaming: Netflix Instant Alternatives To Grand Budapest Hotel, Veronica Mars And Grand Piano
Looking to The Grand Budapest Hotel, Veronica Mars and Grand Piano for inspiration, we've pulled together a selection of crime-centered cinema, from madcap murder mysteries to female-fronted detective tales, and chilling psychological thrillers.
Grand Piano's Excellent Alternate Poster Features Elijah Wood Running From His Passion
In the film, Wood plays Tom Selznick, a formerly revered concert pianist who was forced to take a long hiatus from performing. Fighting stage fright, he is set to make his highly anticipated comeback, but there’s someone in the crowd (John Cusack) who wants to make it that much harder for him. If Tom plays one wrong note, the mysterious gunman will put a bullet in Tom’s wife, and then Tom himself.
The Fear Monger's Eight Most Anticipated Horrors Of 2014
Horror fans know that Hollywood rarely gives the genre the kind of attention that more than $100 million calls for, so let's highlight eight of the most promising horrors of 2014, many of which still don’t have release dates.
Watch This Grand Piano Trailer Without Pausing It Or You Will Die!
It’s so easy to flip opinions as someone who writes entertainment news. Back when Eugenio Mira’s thriller Grand Piano was first announced, I was part of the crowd calling it “Speed on a piano bench,” as the synopsis is a fairly simple one. But following the release of the film’s Spanish trailer and successful festival run, this film is back within my good graces, and the English language trailer seen above further proves that it’s right in tune with overcoming expectations
Elijah Wood Sits At The Keys In First Look At Grand Piano
In a way, Speed has a genius concept.You make it so that a big vehicle has to go super fast, and if it doesn't go super fast everyone dies. It's remarkably simple, and yet the end result is a surprising bit of awesome entertainment. That said, I have my reservations about the upcoming thriller Grand Piano, starring Elijah Wood.
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John Cusack Joins Elijah Wood In Grand Piano
The plot of Grand Piano is honestly one of the most ridiculous I have ever heard. First announced earlier this month when Elijah Wood signed on to star, the story is about a washed up pianist who finally gets up the nerve to return to the stage, only to learn that if he doesn't play the best show of his life he and his wife will die (it's basically Speed with a piano instead of a bus).
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Elijah Wood Set To Play For Action-Thriller Grand Piano
Elijah Wood has just signed on to star in an indie thriller that seems like something out of my idling imagination. Penned by The Last Exorcism 2 scribe Damien Chazelle, Grand Piano takes elements from two of my favorite movies—a pianist's sometimes damning devotion to their instrument à la The Piano and a tension device straight out of Speed—to create a confounding plot.
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