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The 10 Best Lines Of Movie Dialogue In 2016

The year 2016 saw no shortage of tremendous movies arriving on the big screen -- and a great deal of credit for many of them belongs to the screenwriters.

The 10 Best Movie Villains Of 2016, Ranked

2016 has been a pretty good year for baddies both on and off screen. Here are the 10 best movie villains of the past 12 months that were actually paid to be downright atrocious.

The 10 Best Movie Music Moments Of 2016

I've written the Best Movie Music Moments column for Cinema Blend since 2009, and I can tell you that this year was an incredibly special year from music in film.

The 10 Best Movies Of 2016, According To The National Board Of Review

The National Board Of Review have revealed their 10 best films of 2016, and it includes quite a few surprises.

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The 9 Best Movies of 2016, So Far

The jury's still out on 2016. While there have been a number of financially successful movies -- several of them from Disney -- we have yet to be blown out of the water by a steady stream of movies flooding the local multiplexes, and instead, spend too much time debating why films like Warcraft and Popstar failed to find larger audiences.

9 Wide Release 2016 Movies You've Already Forgotten Exist

Here we are, creeping up on the end of June. 2016 is almost exactly half over, which means there have been a lot of movies to come out. A review of the first six months of the year shows us that there have been some big box office successes, as well as big failures. Now, let's talk about the rest.

New DVD Releases: June 2016 In Home Entertainment

Finally, we are starting to get into a good groove in movies world. While the box office heats up with the big budget hits of the summer, here in the home entertainment world, there are a slew of quiet favorites coming out over the next few months.

New DVD Releases: May 2016 In Home Entertainment

As the box office heats up, a slew of winter favorites are finally heading to DVD and Blu-ray, and while we're a little early to catch stuff like Batman V Superman, there are a ton of critically acclaimed movies and big box office releases that are out this month.

What Movie Will End Star Wars' Box Office Run?

After three weeks, the movie has managed to continue to hold on to the top spot on the charts… but that just makes us wonder what movie will be the one that eventually knocks the blockbuster off its pedestal.

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