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Saoirse Ronan Falls In Love And Survives A War In First Trailer For How I Live Now

The film is adapted from Meg Rosoff’s 2004 novel, which won several children’s literature awards, so I wouldn’t have been surprised if How I Live Now ended up looking like a Hunger Games clone.

Kevin Macdonald To Dive Into Black Sea Thriller

While casting his next effort, a war-drama titled How I Live Now, Macdonald revealed details on an in-development thriller he's working on with Dennis Kelly, writer of Matilda The Musical. Macdonald describes the film, presently titled Black Seas, as, "The Treasure of The Sierra Madre in a submarine." Despite his co-writer's reputation for whimsy, Macdonald wants Black Sea to be something gritty and fierce…

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Saoirse Ronan To Headline WWII Drama How I Live Now

The Irish lass Ronan will play Daisy, a New York City teen who’s forced to spend a summer in England with her family on the eve of World War II. When the battles reach Daisy and her family, she escapes into the woods with a younger girl named Piper and is forced to fight for her survival. Is there any chance her Hanna character can crossover?

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