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Interview: Andrew Stanton On How John Carter Changed Him As A Filmmaker

Obviously we talked before the negative reviews and so-so box office had come in, but it seems safe to assume what Stanton says here about the project-- how it's changed the way he thinks about filmmaking, how the end title John Carter of Mars reflects the character's journey in the film, and the kind of pressure he puts on himself to succeed-- hasn't changed

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Interview: Taylor Kitsch On Why He Put Himself Through Hell For John Carter

It's kind of obvious to say it's fun to talk to Kitsch in person-- he's easy on the eyes, after all-- but in both our longer sit-down interview and the short video conversation, it was surprisingly fun and easy to strike up a conversation. He had just flown in from the South Pacific, where he was doing advance press for Battleship and shooting one last scene for the Oliver Stone drama Savages

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Interview: Willem Dafoe On Becoming A Giant Green Alien In John Carter

Dafoe's work on John Carter was much more involved than the last time he worked with director Andrew Stanton, voicing a fish for Finding Nemo. Dafoe traveled to the Utah desert and filmed his scenes in giant stilts to play Tars Tarkas-- he describes one of the most difficult physical challenges of the film as a simple scene where Tars Tarkas goes from lying down to standing

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Interview: Dominic West On Unleashing His Inner Bratty Child For John Carter

After a winter of blazing through The Wire on DVD, it was plenty surreal to sit down with West on a sunny patio in Arizona, where Disney had gathered the cast of John Carter for a massive press junket. I actually talked to West twice, once on camera, and below you can see our quick on-camera interview, as well as the transcript of our longer conversation

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Interview: Lynn Collins On Becoming A Princess Of Mars In John Carter

John Carter is an enormous movie with a sprawling cast, ranging from relative newcomers like Taylor Kitsch in the title role to respected veterans like Ciaran Hinds and Mark Strong. But among all those people, Lynn Collins was one of the few women, and certainly the only one to show off her swordfighting skills

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