11 Great Sci-Fi Films You Can Stream On Netflix Now
Comic Con: the geeky frontier. With Star Trek Beyond kicking things off at warp 9, you're going to be hungry for some prime sci-fi. Whether you're a part of the teeming masses, or just looking for something to entertain you after work, these 11 sci-fi greats will do the trick.
The 25 Movies Dads Love Sharing With Their Kids
Father's Day is right around the corner and if you're looking for something nice to do for your father on Sunday, here's one very simple and easy option: watch a movie with him.
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Why The Lost World Is Worse Than Jurassic Park, According To Steven Spielberg
Steven Spielberg's an amazing filmmaker, but his sequels tend to fall short of the original film. As it turns out: he seems to have a reason for this common occurrence.
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Watch Jurassic Park Get The Nature Documentary Treatment In This Parody Video
Come and see the cuddlier side of Jurassic Park, as a brand new nature mockmentary proposes to show us just that. Behold the majesty and the awe of a prehistoric beauty.
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Jurassic Park Without Dinosaurs Is Disappointing And Strange, See It Now
Jurassic Park took painstaking steps to ensure that the film’s dinosaurs looked and felt as authentic as possible. Now someone has come along and completely removed them in this hilariously absurd video.
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Watch Your Favorite Movies End The Second Someone Says The Title
What would your favorite movies be like if they ended as soon as their titles were uttered? Luckily, the internet has coughed up a video that answers that questions for us.
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See How Jurassic World Looked Before The Visual Effects Were Filled In
Rampaging dinosaurs play a big part in why Jurassic World was so popular. But those creatures would not have been possible without the visual effects team, and a new video shows off just how they were achieved.
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This Jurassic Park Modern Trailer Is Terrifying
A new fan trailer for the original Jurassic Park completely captures the terror of the classic 1993 film.
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Watch Every Jurassic Park Reference That Showed Up In Jurassic World
Part of the fun of this past summer’s Jurassic World wasn’t simply the return to the world of the original Jurassic Park but the homage that was paid to its predecessor.
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Chris Pratt Explains His Incredible Jurassic World Prediction In This Brand New Bonus Feature
Jurassic World is available on Digital HD, and will be available on Blu-ray and DVD starting Tuesday, October 20.
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 10 Movies That Prove Nothing Is More Awesome Than Science
There are many, many things to appreciate about Ridley Scott’s The Martian, but perhaps its greatest contribution is its incredible approach to science-based problem solving, and its ability to basically educate viewers about space travel while also being ridiculously entertaining.
The Jurassic Park Quote That Actually Inspired Jurassic World
Steven Spielberg's Jurassic Park was a formative event for many of us, including Jurassic World director Colin Trevorrow. Now he reveals a specific quote from the first film that inspired his massive blockbuster.
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Jurassic Park Almost Had A TV Show, Get The Details
The world almost got to see a Jurassic Park TV show follow the film, as renowned artist William Stout was tapped in the 1990s to put together some concept art for one. What happened to it? Steven Spielberg, that's what.
Jurassic Park's Single Biggest Special Effects Fail
All in all, it was an informative and creative discussion about the state of practical effects on the modern blockbuster landscape, and a reminder that no matter how hard you work at something, rain could foil your best intentions.
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Why Jurassic World's Director Had Big Problems With The Trailers
There is a natural conflict between the filmmaker and the studio, according to Jurassic World director Colin Trevorrow. Those conflicting interests led to much more being revealed in the trailers than the director would have liked.
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Kids Remade Jurassic Park With Action Figures And It’s Awesome
Remember how much fun you had playing with action figures as a kid, creating characters and stories and entire new worlds to play in? Yeah, turns out the whole time you were just phoning it in.
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Watch Jurassic World Build One Of Its Most Amazing Dinosaurs
Part of the magic of the Jurassic Park franchise is the impressive use of practical effects. Jurassic World is no exception, and a new video shows how they created one of the more impressive dinosaurs.
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See Chris Pratt Charm Kids With His Raptor Training Skills In Adorable Photos
Jurassic World star Chris Pratt recently brought his raptor training skills to a children's hospital for some delightful interactions with sick children standing in for his dinosaur pets.
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The Dinosaur That Inspired Jurassic World's Indominus Rex
Jurassic World introduced us all to the Indominus Rex, the franchise’s first genetically modified hybrid dinosaur. As such, she’s a fearsome foe, but the coolest part is that her look is based on an actual dinosaur.
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Jurassic World About To Beat Another Record Held By The Avengers
Jurassic World continues to make an absurd amount of money at the box office, including passing yet another record held by The Avengers.
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