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How Jurassic World 2 Will Be Affected By The Original Novel, According To Colin Trevorrow

Colin Trevorrow recently opened up and addressed how Michael Crichton's original Jurassic Park novel has influenced the creation of Jurassic World 2. Here's what he had to say.

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30 Best Sci-Fi Movies Of All Time

Science fiction is quite simply one of the most popular genres of film that we have. The creation of far away places and futuristic technology seems to be exactly what the medium of film was designed to create. Science fiction on film has been around for as long as there have been movies. But which ones are the best?

How One New Jurassic World 2 Character Is Connected To Jurassic Park

Not only will Jurassic World 2 have a few familiar faces from the early Jurassic Park period, but one of the new characters is also tied to the movies that started it all.

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Jurassic World 2 Is Bringing Back A Jurassic Park Star

It was only a matter of time before the Jurassic World movies got around to including stars from the original Jurassic Park movies, and today we have word that's going to be happening with J.A. Bayona's untitled Jurassic World 2.

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10 Awesome Movies You Need To Watch Before They Leave Netflix In May

Just as quickly as we say hello to the new offerings Netflix has to offer, we also find ourselves having to say goodbye to those that are leaving in the coming month of May. Adjust your calendars with this list of outgoing Netflix titles, and start watching.

Is Rexy Going To Be In Jurassic World 2? Here's What Colin Trevorrow Says

Colin Trevorrow has given a definitive answer on if everyone's favorite Tyrannosaurus Rex, Rexy, will be back for Jurassic World 2.

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The Hilarious Way Nicolas Cage Convinced Laura Dern To Join Jurassic Park

Of all the Jurassic Park stories in the world, this one is among the funniest. No really.

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Watch Samuel L. Jackson Recreate His Entire Career In 11 MotherFing Minutes

Samuel L. Jackson recently recreated his entire career during an appearance on The Late Late Show with James Corden, and it was absolutely glorious.

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The Jurassic Park Reference Kong: Skull Island Snuck In

Thanks to playing a number of iconic roles throughout his career, Samuel L. Jackson will long be remembered for an impressive number of memorable lines. Unquestionably included on this list is his very memorable warning to his co-stars in Jurassic Park

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The Jurassic World 2 Photo Bryce Dallas Howard Shared As The Sequel Starts Filming

Jurassic World became one of the biggest movies of all time when it was released two years ago. It's now time to see if the sequel can match that, as filming is now underway.

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Netflix New Releases: Movies And TV Shows Coming To Netflix Streaming In March

March usually comes in like a lion, and out like a lamb, but since Zootopia is already on Netflix Instant, we'll have to come up with some other choice gags to throw into this rundown of the streaming titles coming to Netflix in March. Read on to see what's coming, and if we managed to stick the landing on that replacement joke.

A Jurassic Park Alternate Ending Has Been Revealed, And It’s Amazing

Jurassic Park almost had an entirely different ending from the one we saw in theaters, and it would've been absolutely awesome.

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9 More Terrifying Scenes In Non-Horror Movies

Who said that scares are exclusive to horror movies? Check out our list of nine terrifying scenes that hail from non-horror movies.

One Jurassic Park Scene The Writer Thought Would Be Impossible To Film

Jurassic Park was a technological breakthrough in the area of digital effects. However, the film was so ahead of its time that the writer of the script wasn't even sure if the stuff he was writing was going to be possible to film.

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What’s Happened To Alan Grant In The Jurassic Park Universe, According To Sam Neill

Sam Neill has finally revealed what he thinks happened to Jurassic Park's Alan Grant, and his explanation is kind of a downer. Get the details.

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Thor: Ragnarok Has Added Another Jurassic Park Star

It turns out Jeff Goldblum isn't the only Jurassic universe alum appearing in Thor: Ragnarok. He'll also be sharing that dinosaur-shaped spotlight with this star.

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Someone Built A Real Jurassic World Exhibit That You Can Visit, If You Are Brave Enough

The real Jurassic Park was based on the idea that if you could fence in dinosaurs into a safe place, people would come to see them. It's a fairly safe bet, if dinosaur cloning were real, we'd all be on our way to some remote island to check it out. While cloning real life dinos may not be an option, that doesn't mean that Jurassic World can't still be a reality in a limited sense.

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11 Great Sci-Fi Films You Can Stream On Netflix Now

Comic Con: the geeky frontier. With Star Trek Beyond kicking things off at warp 9, you're going to be hungry for some prime sci-fi. Whether you're a part of the teeming masses, or just looking for something to entertain you after work, these 11 sci-fi greats will do the trick.

The 25 Movies Dads Love Sharing With Their Kids

Father's Day is right around the corner and if you're looking for something nice to do for your father on Sunday, here's one very simple and easy option: watch a movie with him.

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Why The Lost World Is Worse Than Jurassic Park, According To Steven Spielberg

Steven Spielberg's an amazing filmmaker, but his sequels tend to fall short of the original film. As it turns out: he seems to have a reason for this common occurrence.

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