The 10 Best Post 9/11 War Movies, Ranked
War never changes; here are the ten best war films that deal with a variety of topics in a post 9/11 world.
The 10 Most Buzzed About Movies Of 2014, According To Google
As the most-used website on the internet, Google has a ton of access to information about our society, and by analyzing their numbers can come up with lists of the biggest trends during a certain amount of time. Today they have revealed the top 10 searches when it comes to movies in 2014 – and the results they came up with are pretty surprising.
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Lone Survivor And GBA Castlevania Gear Up For Halloween On Wii U
Just in time for Halloween, the Nintendo Wii U is getting a pair of games perfectly suited to the spirit of the season, including a dark indie adventure game for the eShop and a trip to Dracula’s living castle on the Virtual Console.
This Week In Home Entertainment: Robocop, Lone Survivor And More
RoboCop has a lot going for it. The PG-13 remake of a 1987 hard R classic is a visually appealing narrative with plenty of glossy action sequences. It ranks up there with Gravity and Avatar as far as its VFX goes. Add in a few nice acting performances and a fine enough script and RoboCop becomes a decently entertaining movie. The only angle that it is really missing is fun.
Tomb Raider, Dead Nation Hit PlayStation Plus In March
At the risk of sounding like a broken record, the PlayStation Plus update for March is looking dynamite, featuring a bunch of new games for the Instant Game Collection on Vita, an adventure with Lara Croft on the PlayStation 3, and a romp through the zombie apocalypse on the PlayStation 4
Universal Dominates January Box Thanks To Ride Along, Lone Survivor
Box Office Mojo reported a total January domestic take of $894 million, a spectacular haul considering a raft of 2013 leftovers encroaching upon the new release territory. Leading the way was Lone Survivor.
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Weekend Box Office: Lone Survivor Number One, Hercules Anything But Legendary
Lone Survivor opened wide this weekend after two weeks in small release, taking the top spot with little competition. With $38 million, it topped Frozen which added $15 million to its impressive $317 million total.
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Lone Survivor's Marcus Luttrell On What It's Like Making A Movie About The Worst Day Of Your Life
He's a retired SEAL with a Navy Cross. He's a proud Texan, who repeatedly addressed me as "ma'am" during our conversation. He's a big fan of movies, though isn't the kind of guy to get star struck. And perhaps most importantly, he felt it was up to him to pay tribute to his fallen brothers by telling their story.
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American Hustle And Wolf Of Wall Street Snag Writers Guild Nominations
In the narrative categories, few of these nominees can be called surprising as just about all of the above have received critical praise and Oscar buzz. The dark horse contender in the mix is Peter Berg's Lone Survivor, which has had a soft open over Christmas and will expand next week.
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Now Streaming: Netflix Instant Alternatives To Lone Survivor, The Secret Life of Walter Mitty And 47 Ronin
Looking to Lone Survivor, The Secret Life of Walter Mitty and 47 Ronin for inspiration, we've pulled together a selection of wild survival stories, adventurous comedies, and martial art epics loosely inspired by real events.
January Movie Preview: Jack Ryan, Hercules And Frankenstein Come Out To Play
It is a new year in cinema, at least for everyone who isn’t still coked up from Martin Scorsese’s Wolf of Wall Street. Unfortunately, January tends to be a dumping ground where studios release all of the films that weren’t good enough to push for Oscar consideration or big enough to release during the summer tentpole season.
This Rotten Week: Predicting Wolf Of Wall Street, 47 Ronin, Walter Mitty And More Reviews
Well this is the big one. Christmas week is like, umm well, Christmas for moviegoers. Studios pump films on to the big screen knowing folks are on vacation and trying desperately to get away from their families. So they head to the theaters for a much-needed respite from holiday "cheer". It’s an extravaganza with wolves, Ronin, daydreamers, boxers and Beliebers.
Emile Hirsch Talks Lone Survivor And Real-Life Heroes
Hirsch made it clear how dedicated he was to honoring the memory of Dietz, who was responsible for communications on "Operation Red Wings" and won the Navy Cross for his bravery there. This is a legacy that Hirsch worked hard to pay tribute to, out of respect for this fallen soldier as well as for all the others that share in this noble vocation.
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Oscar Eye: Saving Mr. Banks, Lone Survivor And Out Of The Furnace Kick Off The Final Phase Of Oscar Reveals
All the cards of Oscar season aren't quite laid out, as we wait just one more week for American Hustle to start screening for guilds, and probably not much longer for Martin Scorsese to finally finish Wolf of Wall Street. But a lot of the question marks have been revealed, as virtually every movie with a shot in the Oscar race-- plus some major longshots-- have been unveiled in the last few months.
Lone Survivor Trailer: Bullets And Brotherhood With The SEAL Team 10
As you can tell from the pull-quotes featured in this trailer, from the likes of Bill Simmons and Peter Travers, The Lone Survivor isn't your average war movie, and may serve as a kind of redemption for both its director and one of its stars. No, I don't mean Mark Wahlberg-- he made a masterpiece this year already, remember?-- but Taylor Kitsch, who with director Peter Berg brought upon the world last year's Battleship.
Peter Berg Explains Lone Survivor's Navy SEAL Story With Behind The Scenes Featurette
Based on Marcus Luttrell's non-fiction book Lone Survivor: The Eyewitness Account of Operation Redwing and the Lost Heroes of SEAL Team 10, this feature from writer-director Peter Berg tells the story of SEAL 10's failed mission on June 28th, 2005.
Lone Survivor Clings To Life On PS3, Vita This Tuesday
Survival horror fans with a taste for retro goodness will be happy to know that PC indie darling, Lone Survivor, is making its way to the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita soon. How soon? Well, in just a couple of days, as it turns out.
Mark Wahlberg's Navy SEAL Drama Lone Survivor Gets New Poster And Action-Packed Trailer
A bearded and chubby Mark Wahlberg stars as the soldier/author Luttrell, and he’s joined by an all-star squad that also includes Taylor Kitsch, Emile Hirsch, Ben Foster, Alexander Ludwig and Eric Bana. While their mission appears to be fairly cut and dry, it’s soon discovered their target is among a population much larger than the military originally assumed.
Lone Survivor Scares Up Some Fun On PS3, PS Vita This July
The PlayStaiton 3 and PlayStation Vita are set to get a heck of a lot spookier this July as Superflat Games announces the impending release of haunting indie darling, Lone Survivor.
Eric Bana Cast In Lone Survivor, Trailer For His New Film Deadfall Arrives
Mark Wahlberg, Ben Foster, Emile Hirsch and Taylor Kitsch have found their superior.It's now being reported that Eric Bana is in talks to join the cast of Peter Berg's upcoming war drama Lone Survivor, based on the book written by Marcus Luttrell. The story begins when a group of Navy SEALs (Wahlberg, Foster, Hirsch, Kitsch) who are patrolling the Afghanistan border...

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