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Michael Cera Terrorizes Juno Temple In Creepy Magic Magic Trailer

Magic Magic’s description made it sound like a “tourist in trouble” horror, but the trailer makes it look like a reverse home invasion thriller, or a visceral take on a cult movie. I don’t know what the hell is going on with these people.

Sundance Video Blog #6: Lake Bell's Directorial Debut, Michael Cera Back In Chile, And More

The action at Sundance is starting to slow down, with most of the big films already premiered and the town clearing out, most journalists eager to get home (or stuck in an iced-over Salt Lake City airport on their way there). But Matt Patches and I remain ever stalwart, ever true, sticking around at this high altitude to bring you the latest

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Michael Cera Confirmed For Independent Thriller Magic Magic

Michael Cera is currently experiencing a problem that has befallen hundreds of actors before him: typecasting. Though he was once beloved for his shy, nervous schtick - seen in movies like Superbad and Juno and on television in Arrested Development - Cera's popularity has waned recently despite working on quality projects (coughScott Pilgrim vs. The World cough).

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