Why Mike Myers Hated Filming Wayne's World's Bohemian Rhapsody Scene
While movie fans have been adoring their efforts ever since the film was released back in 1992, it turns out that Mike Myers and Dana Carvey despised shooting the sequence.
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Cat In The Hat Co-Star Slams Mike Myers For Diva Behavior
If you thought watching The Cat in the Hat was painful, try making the movie with Mike Myers himself. Apparently, word on the street is he was a bit of a terror on the set, and we have the details for you inside.
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Mike Myers Taps An Austin Powers Collaborator For Shrek 5
We've just learned that Mike Myers has tapped a frequent Austin Powers collaborator to work on the fifth Shrek film.
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When Shrek 5 Could Hit Theaters, According To Eddie Murphy
Eddie Murphy knows that Hollywood loves cash cows, which is why he confirmed in a recent interview that plans for Shrek 5 are rolling right along. And he even updated us on what he knows about a release date.
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Mike Myers Isn't Completely Ruling Out Another Wayne's World Movie
Mike Myers recently revealed that he would possibly be willing to dust off the Wayne's World franchise at some point in the near future. Get the details.
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Margot Robbie's Noir Thriller Terminal Is Putting Together An Incredible Cast
Margot Robbie's Terminal just signed four interested parties, and we've got the information for you inside.
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Will Austin Powers 4 Ever Happen? Here's What The Director Says
According to the director Austin Powers 4 is still a thing he'd like to do, and discusses how far long the potential return is from now. Oh yeah, baby?
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One Random Guy Is Really Trying To Make Wayne's World 3 Happen
Someone has taken their love for sequels one step too far. Only this time, there's no danger in the air, just an intense desire of one rogue screenwriter to get Mike Myers on board with his script for Wayne's World 3.
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The 10 Greatest Movie Stars Saturday Night Live Ever Produced
One thing was made crystal clear during NBC’s reunion special Saturday Night Live 40: the weekly sketch comedy show has launched an insane amount of massive movie stars. Many of them turned up as hosts, from Tom Hanks to Alec Baldwin. But others got their start as repertory players in the show’s cast, and used that exposure to kick start incredibly successful movie careers.
Mike Myers And HBO Are Going Into Business Together, Get The Details
You’ve seen him put on funky glasses and fake teeth in order to make the world safe. You’ve seen him wear a trucker hat and rock out to groovy tunes. You’ve heard him talk about being an ogre opposite Cameron Diaz. And now, you might soon see Mike Myers doing some wild and crazy shit all over HBO.
Watch Dr. Evil Show Up On SNL, Go Off On North Korea
The villain of villains, Dr. Evil stopped by Saturday Night Live last night to give a lesson to North Korea and Sony on the true meaning of evil.
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Wayne's World Almost Cut Bohemian Rhapsody For This Other Band's Song
It's hard to imagine certain scenes being omitted or drastically altered in certain movies. Such is the case for the "Bohemian Rhapsody" scene in Wayne's World. It's such an iconic moment in the film and it's really hard to imagine any other song being blasted through the speakers of that car while all passengers and driver lip-synced their hearts out.
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Mike Myers Making His Directorial Debut With Biographical Documentary Supermensch
Gordon got his start in the entertainment business by taking on management duties of the newly-formed band Alice Cooper, and, in fact, he is reportedly the source of Cooper’s signature dark look and macabre live shows (he met Cooper at a house party with Jimi Hendrix and a sexed-up Janis Joplin).
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Hear Me Out: Johnny Depp Has Become Mike Myers
Following the insane success of their Depp-fronted Pirates of the Caribbean franchise, Disney was expecting Johnny Depp to be the major draw. But with his seemingly second flop in two years, it appears Depp's star power is failing. And I say it's his own damn fault.
Watch Mike Myers Sing What's New Pussycat? In Front Of The President
As part of the event, a private concert at the White House also took place, and it was recorded for PBS. A host of celebrities and musicians made appearances, but it was Mike Myers’ rendition of “What’s New Pussycat” that grabbed the headlines. Finally, that footage has found its way online, and it is equal parts weird and great.
Watch Mike Myers Teach Kevin Kline About Oscar Etiquette
The skit actually worked for me a lot more than I expected. It's a little too long, dragging a bit in the middle, but they managed to produce a few solid laughs (I'm the sucker who totally fell for the 'crushed nuts' bit). I even liked the not-so-subtle allusions to previous Oscar films like My Fair Lady. And besides, Kevin Kline is worth watching in just about anything and I especially love when he tries his hand at comedy.
Austin Powers Prequel Headed For Broadway, Book Of Mormon's Nicholaw May Direct
It seems like lately, Broadway has been rummaging through the ’90’s for musical material. Perhaps the mentality is that remakes are all the rage on the big screen, why shouldn’t that apply to the theater? Just as it does for movies, the success of these stage musicals likely depends largely on the source material, and people's interest in it. Sister Act and Newsies already fall in or near the musical category, so their subsequent stage adaptations are likely to be fairly easy transitions, but...
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Mike Myers Signs On For Austin Powers 4
This is just sad. Much like Eddie Murphy, I think Myers actually still has the capacity to be funny, but has gotten to a point where he realizes that he doesn't actually have to try in order to rake in the cash. To be honest, I'm surprised that it's taken this long for him to officially sign on and for the project to be put in motion as Goldmember made more money domestically than any other film in the franchise.
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Austin Powers Becoming A Father, Mike Myers Wife Is Pregnant!
After a life of shagging and being a man of international mystery, Austin Powers is finally settling down. The man of mystery himself, Mike Myers, will become a father for the first time with his wife Kelly Tisdale. A representative of Myers tells the New York Post’s gossip column, “I can confirm they are expecting a child.”
Funnyman Mike Myers Got Married In Secret
Mike Myers has married his longtime girlfriend in a secret ceremony in New York City. The funnyman exchanged vows with Kelly Tisdale five months ago at a "beautiful" wedding in the Big Apple, the actor's representative confirms to New York Post gossip column Page Six. The Austin Powers star, 47, began dating Tisdale in 2006, shortly after he split from his first wife, writer/actress Robin Ruzan, following 12 years of marriage. Their divorce was finalized
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