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Mississippi Grind Trailer Is Dirty, Sleazy, And Really Funny

The road trip picture and the gambling movie come together in the Ryan Reynolds and Ben Mendelsohn-starring Mississippi Grind. After premiering at the Sundance Film Festival earlier this year, the film just released this dirty, sleazy, really funny trailer

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Ryan Reynolds Replaces Jake Gyllenhaal As Gambling Addict In Mississippi Grind

Now that I’ve spent ten minutes picturing Reynolds and Mendelsohn working together, I’ve grown a percentage point or two more interested. After all, I actually can’t wait to see Reynolds play opposite a grizzled Jeff Bridges in the comic adaptation R.I.P.D., because that’s precisely the over-the-top kind of film I don’t mind him in. (Just give us Deadpool already!)

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Ben Mendelsohn In Talks To Join Jake Gyllenhaal For Mississippi Grind

Written and directed by Anna Boden and Ryan Fleck, the film will center on a down and out forty-something gambler, who teams up with a younger gambling addict on a road trip through the Southern U.S. in hopes of bettering their luck. Jake Gyllenhaal will produce and star as the younger lead; Mendelsohn is currently in negotiations for the other lead.

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Jake Gyllenhaal Will Be A Down And Out Gambler In Mississippi Grind

With a role in the upcoming cop drama End of Watch (premiering at the Toronto Film Festival next month), and the low-budget sci-fi thriller Source Code as his most recent film, Jake Gyllenhaal seems to be making a successful turn back to indies, exactly what he needed after a string of high-profile flops like Love and Other Drugs

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