See Jared Leto Trick Another Joker At New York Comic-Con
Celebs want to get on the ground floor of Comic-Con, too. The problem is that they’ll get mobbed by hordes of fans. This weekend, while New York Comic-Con took over Manhattan’s Javitz Center, Jared Leto participated in this grand tradition by going all Rafiki.
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We Can Thank Blade For The Creepiest Comic Con Event Ever
If you've ever watched the opening scene of Blade, where young vampires dance at a what is best described as a blood rave, and thought that looked like a good idea, you're going to want to read this.
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Daredevil's Netflix Series Has Revealed This Flashy New Logo
Daredevil's new logo might be a little cartoonish for a show created by Steven S. DeKnight (Spartacus), but I’m sure the series is anything but. I’m quite fond of the aesthetic, actually, as it pays homage to its comic roots, rather than using a cold, straight-fonted logo devoid of warmth
New York Comic Con Is Officially Bigger Than San Diego's
NYCC's four-day run, more than 130,000 people came to the Javits Center at the edge of Manhattan to revel in all things geek culture. According to the paper, this beats out San Diego International Comic Con's headcount, and thereby solidifies NYCC's place as major cultural force.
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New York Comic Con In Photos: The Best Cosplay
Comic Con, of course, isn't just about what the big studios and TV networks bring; it's about comics and toys and T-shirts and video games and above all, fans. So one of the best parts of trekking out to New York Comic Con is always seeing what the fans have worn to get into the spirit, and this year was no exception. Kristy scoured the floor for the best costumes she could find, and you can check out the impressive results in the gallery below
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New York Comic Con: The Evil Dead And Bruce Campbell Promise A Kick-Ass Reboot
When Bruce took his seat, it was clear he was holding court, and he immediately began to—not explain—but declare why it was time for "new blood" in the Evil Dead franchise, though this got off to a rocky start. When he suggested he is too old "to strap on that chainsaw one last time," and the crowd responded with booming boos! In response, Bruce shrugged and joked, if we say so Evil Dead 4 will happen.
Watch The Avengers Cast Answer Audience Questions At New York Comic Con
The panel included, from left to right, Chris Evans (Captain America), Tom Hiddleston (Loki), Cobie Smulders (Maria Hill), Clark Gregg (Agent Coulson), Mark Ruffalo (Bruce Banner) and Marvel President Kevin Feige. Hit play below, take a listen, and experience the New York Comic Con magic for yourself, minus the enormous crowds and slight body odor. It's a win-win!
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NYCC 2011 Video Interview: Nikita Writer-Producer Albert Kim
Even as a show that maintains an impressively solid through line, Nikita also boasts a relentless ability to offer up new twists and turns and, naturally, that’s what this roundtable conversation with Kim focused on over at New York Comic Con. Not only did writer-producer Albert Kim reveal quite a bit about the show writers’ process, like the practice of having the writers produce their own episodes, but he also dropped a ton of hints as to where season two is heading.
Watch Clark Gregg Sing A Made-Up Theme Song For The Avengers
Coming right after a very slow and very dull panel for The Walking Dead, yesterday's New York Comic Con panel for The Avengers felt especially bright and energetic, with a dozen female audience members stepping up to the mic to compliment Tom Hiddleston on his body
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NYCC 2011 Video Interview: Nikita’s Maggie Q
Clearly Maggie Q is fantastic on The CW’s Nikita, but did you know that she’s the first Asian woman to lead a television drama? I certainly didn’t and, funny thing, neither did Q until an issue of The Hollywood Reporter landed on her doorstep while she was in negotiations for the role and read an article that highlighted the first time feat.
NYCC 2011 Video Interview: Nikita’s Shane West
Shane West is no stranger to TV. He starred as Eli Sammler in Once and Again when he was just 20-years-old and then as Dr. Ray Barnett on ER for a number of years. But in the case of Nikita, not only had he matured to the point that he’s communicating with the show’s writers, but he also had the privilege of developing a family dynamic with the cast and crew from day one.
The Avengers Assemble At New York Comic Con, And We're Liveblogging It
The final panel of the day at New York Comic Con is by far the most highly anticipated-- the Avengers are assembling in the IGN Theater, and I'm on hand for as much live-blogging action as a human can handle. Rumor has it that Clark Gregg, Cobie Smulders, Mark Ruffalo, Tom Hiddleston and Chris Evans will be in the house, along with Marvel president Kevin Feige, but who knows what other surprises might be in store
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New York Comic Con: Liveblogging The Ghost Rider Panel
Sony Pictures is the first major studio to hold a panel in the IGN Theater at New York Comic Con, and though they announced it as just being for Ghost Rider, they brought footage from several of their upcoming projects and required 3D glasses to view it. I wasn't planning to liveblog it until the extra footage became part of the presentation, so here's what I've been able to type up
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New York Comic Con In Photos: The Best In Costumes
New York Comic Con is in full swing in midtown Manhattan, and while it's a smaller event than its sister Con in San Diego, it's still packed full of people in some of the most elaborate costumes you'll ever see. I deeply regret missing the chance to photograph the spot-on Mister T
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Attack The Block Director Joe Cornish Talks Sequels, TV Spin Offs And A U.S. Remake
If you are going to do an Block sequel, it would make sense to have it begin minutes after the first one ends, with the exhausted street rats having to muster the strength to respond to, as Cornish says, the next wave of alien attackers. You could easily go bigger, expanding into more recognizable parts of London.
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The Avengers Will Assemble At New York Comic Con, Plus Full Schedule Announced
The Marvel presentation will be by far the biggest for movie fans at the Con, though other film panels include conversations with the cast of the upcoming Red Tails, a spotlight on this summer's Conan the Barbarian, and for some reason, a panel dedicated to Essential Killing, Vincent Gallo's extremely divisive festival sensation.
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NYCC Interviews: The Cast And Filmmakers Of The Thing
Each of the interviews are about three minutes long-- standard for those lickety-split press lines-- and you can watch them all below. Between these interviews and our
Weekly Recap Oct 9th: Captain America Game, X-Men Destiny, Gears 3 Beta
Sega announces Captain America: Super Soldie, a beta for Gears of War 3 is on the way and X-Men: Destiny was announced.
NYCC: The Thing Shows Off The Alien, The Snow, The Practical Effects
The trailer starts off in New York, of all places, where Winstead's tough scientist character Kate Lloyd is convinced by Eric Christian Olsen's character to join a Norwegian research expedition in Antarctica
NYCC: Hanna Is An Assassin Fairy Tale, With Meticulous Direction
The gunplay and general assassin stuff is clearly what everyone in the Comic Con crowd showed up to see, but I'm more interested in what we saw of Wright bringing his lush, meticulous filmmaking style

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