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Open Windows Paints A Dark Picture Of Internet Consequences

Nacho Vigalondo's Open Windows stars Elijah Wood and is an intense cat and mouse thriller at its core, but it's also a prescient take on how the Internet's warped view of privacy draws out the worst in some people.

Sasha Grey's 'Open Windows' Finds Interested Eyes

Cinedigm has picked up the theatrical rights to Mr. Vigalando's latest film, Open Windows. The film is a tale about a man (Elijah Wood) with an unhealthy obsession with an actress (Sasha Grey). It's so unhealthy that when given the opportunity, he obtains a bird's eye view of her every waking moment. This peeper's paradise comes with a cost, though, as the person who gave him the opportunity is forcing him to use his new found access for rather devious activities.

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High-Tech Thriller Open Windows Shows Off An Abducted Sasha Grey On First Poster

The first poster for Open Windows has hit the internet and it successfully sets up the film’s multimedia format approach, while also creating immediate tension from Elijah Wood’s pained face and the presence of a black glove (which is never a good thing if Italian Giallo films have taught us anything).

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