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Louis C.K. Thanks Pootie Tang's Failure For His Current Success

C.K. has blamed part of the problem with the poorly realized Pootie Tang on Paramount's resistance to let him cut the movie he'd written and envisioned. So, when it came to negotiations with FX on Louie, the once burned comedian stood firm to his my way or the highway demands...

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Louis C.K. Candidly Explains How Pootie Tang Almost Killed His Career

The clip is a little old, but still fascinating. "I can’t say they took my movie away," Louis laments. "They hired me to work on a movie that I happened to have written, and that I care a lot about. But I got thrown off because I wasn’t doing what they wanted. That’s the way it works. … I had made something that was pretty unique, and nobody knew how to handle it."

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