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Spike Lee Travels Goes Back To Brooklyn With First Trailer For Red Hook Summer

It's been nearly 15 years since director Spike Lee has made a movie part of his Chronicles of Brooklyn anthology. Beginning with She's Gotta Have It in 1986 and continuing with titles such as Do The Right Thing in 1989, Crooklyn in 1994, Clockers in 1995, and He Got Game in 1998, the New York filmmaker has long been associated directly with the borough, and has finally made his way back to it.

Sundance Video Blog #4: The Surrogate, For A Good Time Call, And More Reviews

If I do say so myself this is probably the most scenic video we've done yet-- we stepped out onto a balcony on the second floor of the Marriott, which serves as headquarters for the festival and houses the most easily accessible Starbucks in town, which automatically makes it the most important place in Park City. As you can tell, it also is surrounded by some lovely trees

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Spike Lee Brings Brooklyn To Sundance In Shaggy But Powerful Red Hook Summer

Stalking up onstage with the microphone in hand Lee had something of a preacher about him, which he may have picked up making Red Hook Summer, which is an odd combination of coming-of-age story and deeply emotional examination of the role of the church and God in the black community

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Sundance Sneak Peek: Richard Gere Dominates In Two Arbitrage Clips

Following the Saturday night world premiere of writer-director Nicholas Jarecki's Arbitrage, Richard Gere is garnering major buzz for his role as an amoral hedge fund trader. The thriller, which co-stars Tim Roth and Susan Sarandon, centers on Robert Miller (Gere), an American man who is in many ways a symbol of American patriarchy

Spike Lee Plans A 2012 Release Date For Red Hook Summer

Lee directs from his own screenplay about an Atlanta resident who spends a memorable summer in the Brooklyn neighborhood of Red Hook. The filmmaker also plans to revive his character of Mookie from his seminal, Oscar-nominated work Do the Right Thing, which came out in 1989

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