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Josh Duhamel's Scenic Route WIll Bloody Theaters This August

In the film, Duhamel and Fogler play old friends who have drifted apart who have to learn to reconcile when their truck breaks down on a deserted, barren road. At first, their “altercation” is verbal, with the two old friends picking apart each other’s life decisions. Soon, as you can tell in the below trailer, things get violent and bloody

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Josh Duhamel And Dan Fogler To Get Stranded Together In Scenic Route

I'm a sucker for any film that just features two or more characters yelling at each other and hashing out their issues for the entire run time. It's one of the main reasons why I enjoyed last year's Roman Polanski movie Carnage so much, and the same can be said for movies and plays like 12 Angry Men, No Exit, and Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?

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Directors Hired To Helm Kyle Killen's Scenic Route

I wish more people had seen Jodie Foster's The Beaver. While the film struggled due to the PR nightmare that is Mel Gibson and a release date that put it in direct competition with Thor, it was actually a great dual-layered story written by Kyle Killen and sported an amazing performance by Anton Yelchin. Hopefully Killen's next project will find more success.

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