Scream 4 Carves Out An October Blu-Ray/DVD Release
Scream 4 sends long-suffering protagonist Sidney Prescott (Neve Campbell) back to her home town of Woodsboro as part of her book tour. Yes, Sidney is now a published author. Presumably of a book about surviving pop-culture-obsessed serial killers, which is a surprisingly crowded market. Filling out the cast of disposable cleavage/sacks of meat and blood are Anna Paquin, Kristen Bell, Alison Brie, Aimee Teegarden, and several other actresses whose phone numbers I would like.
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Harvey Weinstein Promises The New Scream Trilogy Is Still Happening
So thanks to being run by a group of people who don't know the meaning of the phrase "leave well enough alone," the Scream juggernaut will keep trucking along whether you want it or not. And much as I really did enjoy Scream 4, this really doesn't some necessary
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Weekend Box Office - Rio Flies High, Scream Whimpers
It's been a good year to be a computer animated movie. Well, relatively speaking. While overall sales numbers continue to slump, CG entries have floated to the top to take number one four weekends so far this year. And three of those movies currently rank in the top five money makers of the year to date with newcomer Rio hot on their heels.
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Discuss Scream 4 With Spoilers And Rate It
It’s a sequel that’s been eleven years in the making, but this weekend horror master Wes Craven has at least unleashed Scream 4 on the world. We think it’s the best installment in the franchise since the first one, but after eleven years, what we really want to know is what you think. Talk about the movie and vote in our poll here.
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Interview: Scream 4's Emma Roberts, Hayden Panettiere, Rory Culkin And Anthony Anderson
It’s pretty crazy to think that Wes Craven’s Scream came on the scene 15 years ago. In that time, a lot of things have changed and that goes for the franchise’s cast as well. While Neve Campbell, David Arquette and Courtney Cox are all back for Scream 4, they’re joined by the next generation of stars, including Emma Roberts, Hayden Panettiere, Rory Culkin and Anthony Anderson.
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Thank Wes Craven And Scream For Making Zombieland And Tropic Thunder Possible
For a long time movies that operated as middle fingers toward some previous effort were almost always straight comedy spoofs. That all changed in 1996 with Scream, a wildly successful, imaginative horror film that commented on the genre it was also firmly a part of
This Rotten Week: Predicting Rio And Scream 4 Reviews
This Rotten Week has a few familiar folks up to the same old tricks. Wes Craven gives us another dose of Sidney Prescott and Blue Sky Studios dishes out more CGI animation. Just remember, I'm not reviewing these movies, but rather predicting where they'll end up on the Tomatometer.
New Scream 4 TV Spot Reveals More Ghostface, More Fear
With the hotly anticipated release of Scream 4 next Friday, Dimension will be kicking marketing up a notch despite the fact that it’s already on everyone’s minds. A new TV spot has cropped up online and shows off just what to expect from this movie--more of the same.
Interview: Scream 4 Director Wes Craven On Keeping The Franchise Alive
On the other hand, the pressure is on for Craven. I’m not the only moviegoer who’s a dedicated franchise fan, meaning that in Scream 4 Craven doesn't just have to do the original films justice, but he’s got to offer something new. No, the general story of Scream 4
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Craven Says Scream 5 And 6 Could Happen If Bob Weinstein Is Up For It
Earlier today I had the pleasure of talking to Scream 4 director Wes Craven himself about bringing back Ghostface. You’ll have to wait a bit to read the full conversation, but here’s something that might hold you over; there was no ending our chat without bringing up the potential of additional films
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Scream 4 Clips: Sidney Passes The Torch To Emma Roberts
In the new franchise entry previous cast members team up with a new batch of potential victims to fight off the ever-present Ghostface Killer. In these three new clips from the film, you won’t see a lot of Ghostface, but you will see a lot of familiar cast members rather obviously turning things over...
Check Out The Two New High-Res Scream 4 Stills And A Brand New TV Spot
It was only on Wednesday that we received a whole batch of new images from Wes Craven's upcoming horror sequel, Scream 4, but apparently Dimension Films is really excited to promote it. Today not only do we get high res versions of the Wednesday stills, but two new ones and a television spot.
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Four New Scream 4 Images Finally Bring The Gore
Given the nature of the Scream franchise, the stills we've seen thus far from the newest installment, Scream 4, have been fairly tame. Sure, there's always been the threat of violence, but most of the stills have consisted of people just standing around looking scared. That changes today.
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Danger Is Imminent In Four New Scream 4 Stills
Crammed with random celebrity cameos, a whole slew of up-and-coming actors and the promise of seemingly endless snark and gore, Scream 4 is looking like a major bright spot in the spring movie season as we get closer to its April 15 release date
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Scream 4 Earns R-Rating From MPAA
With a combination new and old cast, a reinvigorated director and palpable fan excitement, I fully expect Scream 4 to do very well. It opens on April 15th, and if all goes well, it should be the first of three featuring this cast
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New Scream 4 Poster Gets To The Point
I'm as excited for Scream 4 as anybody who grew up in the 90s possibly could be, hoping against hope that the fourth film in the franchise can recapture the knowing, witty fun of the first film, convincing even scaredy-cats like me to enjoy a horror movie. The first poster for the film seemed to hint at that very promise, a spin-off on the image from the very first film's poster. For the newest poster, though
New Scream 4 Poster Takes Us Back A Decade
If the trailers we've seen for Scream 4 have been any indication, the name of the game is taking the same parody elements from the first three films in the trilogy
New Image From Scream 4 Shows A Screwed Emma Roberts
We’re almost there, guys! Now that we’ve rolled through almost all of January, there’s just over two months left before Scream fans finally get their long awaited fourquel. Wes Craven has been
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New Scream 4 Trailer Tries To Kill The Cheerleader
The new trailer for Scream 4 just slashed its way onto Apple, and spoiler alert: it’s kind of awesome. Carefully weaving through both returning cast members
Scream 4 Photos Reveal First Look At Courtney Cox And David Arquette Together
The first full trailer for Scream 4 will officially debut some time tonight, and we’ll have it for you when it does. In the meantime, we’ve gotten
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