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Skyfall Set Visit: Talking To Bond Girls Naomie Harris And Berenice Marlohe

What do you do with a problem like a "Bond Girl." It's a title that's been bestowed on dozens of actresses over the years, be they relatively forgotten stars like Honor Blackman or Diana Rigg or eventual superstars like Jane Seymour, Teri Hatcher or Halle Berry. But-- let's be honest-- it's a name that comes with a lot of baggage

Skyfall Set Visit: Sam Mendes Explains His Plan To Regenerate James Bond

While MGM sorted out its money troubles and Skyfall found its way back on its feet, Mendes and star Daniel Craig were busy planning-- even if they weren't supposed to be

The Ten Biggest Things We Learned On The Skyfall Set

It's James Bond's first day in Istanbul, and things aren't going that well. In hot pursuit of one of his many foes, Bond has forced the villain Patrice to flip his Audi A5 and skid across a crowded marketplace, but his fellow agent Eve has also crashed their Land Rov

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