Bet You Can Guess Which Star Trek Device Scientists Are Trying To Create In Real Life
Star Trek has showcased a lot of technology in its 50 years but only one of those really has anything to do with lasers. Find out how a scientist is trying to create Star Trek technology in the modern world.
Why The Ending Of Star Trek V Sucks, According To William Shatner
Most Star Trek fans will agree that of the lesser movies from the franchise is 1989's Star Trek V: The Final Frontier. William Shatner is now taking the opportunity to apologize for how the ending turned out, citing this obstacle.
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Eddie Murphy Almost Starred In A Star Trek Sequel, Here's Why The Studio Shot Him Down
We've recently learned that Eddie Murphy almost signed on for a major role in the Star Trek franchise back in the 1980s. Here's why it never happened.
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How Star Trek: Discovery Will Connect To The Original Universe
There's been a lot of speculation floating around about just how Star Trek: Discovery will fit with the TV shows that have gone before it, and now we finally know more of what to expect from the series.
Why Star Trek Wouldn’t Exist Without Star Wars, According To William Shatner
As pro Star Trek as William Shatner is, for obvious reasons, he still recognizes the contribution Star Wars has had to the series' success at large. You might be surprised, but if you continue reading, you'll find out why Shatner believes that without Star Wars, Star Trek would only be in re-runs.
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Why Star Trek Will Never Be Completely At Home As A Movie Franchise
Simon Pegg recently admitted that he does not believe that the silver screen is the perfect home for a franchise like Star Trek.
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William Shatner Could Appear On The New Star Trek TV Show Under One Condition
TheStark Trek franchise has been going strong for fifty years with a huge ensemble of characters. The most recognizable has to be Captain James T. Kirk. According to William Shatner, there's a chance for Kirk to turn up in the new CBS Star Trek.
Where Star Trek: Discovery Will Air
Star Trek: Discovery has quickly become one of the most talked about new shows of the upcoming TV season. Now we know where you can catch the new franchise player if CBS All Access isn't an option.
The Star Trek Easter Egg That Helped Establish The Setting Of Star Trek Beyond
Justin Lin's Star Trek Beyond is an important film for the Star Trek franchise, as its release date happens to coincide with the 50th birthday of Gene Roddenberry's epic creation. As a result, the movie is peppered with Easter eggs that reflect the special anniversary.
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How The New Star Trek Show Has A Star Wars Connection
Any genre fan worth their salt will tell you that Star Trek and Star Wars are two totally different things, and that the two never shall meet. Well, they're meeting now.
What The New Star Trek Show Will Be Called
After years of waiting, a new Star Trek television series is finally on the way. The franchise has been around now for 50 years, and while movies have certainly been significant, the small screen has long been its home.
The One Star Trek Element Justin Lin Wanted To Remain Consistent, According To Its Composer
The departure of J.J. Abrams and the arrival of several new cast members to Star Trek Beyond made it even more important that they decided to keep one specific element of the franchise consistent.
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Why William Shatner Can’t Come Back For The New Star Trek Films, According To J.J. Abrams
When the new series of Star Trek movies introduced a new timeline and new characters, it did so with the help of our old friend Mr. Spock. Ever since then there have been rumors about trying to get the original Captain Kirk into the films as well.
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How Star Trek Beyond Came Up With The Awesome Idea For Krall’s Swarm Of Ships
In 50 years of Star Trek history, fans have seen the USS Enterprise go up against hundreds if not thousands of equally-sized ships that threaten to destroy it -- but the new Star Trek Beyond presents the legendary vessel with a different kind of horrifying threat.
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Why J.J. Abrams Is Done Directing Sequels
With the exception of Super 8, J.J. Abrams has spent the bulk of his career as a director basically continuing big screen universes.
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Star Trek’s Original Series Will Air Uncut On TV For The First Time In Years
Episodes of the original Star Trek series will soon return to television in their original, uncut format for the first time in decades, as creator Gene Roddenberry probably meant for them to be seen.
Why J.J. Abrams Had A Hard Time Giving Star Trek Beyond To Another Director
For what should be obvious reasons, Star Trek is a very personal property for J.J. Abrams. The 2009 reboot was only the second feature the filmmaker directed, and his work helped to continue to expand the lifespan of the legendary sci-fi franchise in pop culture.
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Star Trek 101: Everything You Need To Know Before Star Trek Beyond
Star Trek Beyond is almost here, and to help celebrate its release and Star Trek's 50th anniversary, Here are all the franchise basics you need to know before seeing the movie.
New Star Trek Beyond Trailer Drops A Major Spoiler
Earlier today, we published a story featuring a very simple warning to Star Trek fans from Simon Pegg. The actor/writer cautioned that if people want to see the upcoming Star Trek Beyond in theaters spoiler-free, it's in your best interest to avoid all forms of footage. Now we know why.
What Star Trek 4 Will Be About, Officially
Justin Lin's Star Trek Beyond doesn't arrive in theaters until Friday, but Paramount Pictures isn't waiting to see box office returns before making sequel announcements. The studio, in conjunction with Skydance and Bad Robot, has announced that an untitled Star Trek 4 is now in development, and have even revealed a quick synopsis of what the movie will be about
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