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The Weinstein Company Picks Up Sundance's The Tillman Story

The Tillman Story is time sensitive-- the further we get away from Tillman's NFL stardom and death, the less likely the film is to draw an audience. Hopefully the Weinsteins can marshal whatever resources they have left to get this movie out there

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Exclusive Interview: It's A Wonderful Afterlife Director Gurinder Chadha

The Sundance Film Festival is the kind of place where even the lightest comedies are a little twisted. While Gurinder Chadha made her debut at the festival eight years ago with the frothy soccer comedy Bend it Like Beckham

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Rogue Pictures And Brett Ratner Pick Up Sundance's Catfish

What this means for moviegoers is pretty much nothing-- Universal distributes most of Rogue's films, and therefore Catfish will likely be seeing a much wider release than most movies that go into Sundance with zero buzz and stars

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Exclusive Interview: Animal Collective And ODDSAC Director Danny Perez

They wouldn't tell me how they created some of the crazier sounds heard in the film, or how some of the most fascinating visual tricks were achieved, but we did talk about how the film reflects the band's musical evolution over the past few years

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Sundance Jury Prize Winner Winter's Bone Goes To Roadside Attractions

The news hit last Saturday that Roadside Attractions had picked up Debra Granik's film, which depicts a 17-year-old girl traveling across the impoverished Ozarks to track down her absent father. The movie was praised for the lead performance by teenager Jennifer Lawrence

The Freebie Is The Last Sale Of Sundance

The last sale of the Sundance Film Festival got in just under the wire on Sunday night, as Katie Aselton's The Freebie sold to Phase 4 Films, which plans to release the film in theaters this summer

Sundance: The Wrap-Up

So I'm back from Park City and still recovering from this year's Sundance Film Festival, where I-- Cinema Blend's lone reporter this year-- managed to see 32 movies, conduct 11 interviews, and sleep about 5 hours a night. It was stressful but an adventure

Is Paramount Trying To Pick Up Sundance Hit Catfish?

Hopefully Paramount realizes what a potential hit they have on their hands, and can marshal their giant studio resources to get audiences to take a chance on a movie that, when you describe it without spoilers, don't actually sound that interesting. Trust me, it's great

Sundance Film Festival Award Winners Announced

Below is the full list of winners; of the bunch, you can keep an eye out for Winter's Bone, Waiting for Superman (Paramount is releasing it) and Contracorriente (Undertow> (picked up by Wolfe Releasing)

Sundance Review: The Freebie

Much as Humpday took a ludicrous premise-- two straight guys making a gay porn together-- and said volumes about male friendship, The Freebie takes a situation that would ordinarily just be a fantasy and follows it to its logical, devastating conclusion

Sundance Review: Please Give

Nicole Holofcener's Please Give is a movie about White People Problems suffered by white people living in one of New York City's most beautiful neighborhood. But because it has great affection for its characters and goes in a few surprising directions

Sundance Review: happythankyoumoreplease

Dammit, I was charmed. Radnor has clearly learned a lot about comic timing and story pacing from his years on How I Met Your Mother, and moves the stories swiftly along on one-liners and romantic beats without appearing to rush

Sundance Review: Night Catches Us

hanks to its historical bent and name-brand actors doing excellent work, Night Catches Us will likely show up in theaters at some point, but won't act as the kind of defining moment that both Mackie and Washington have deserved as actors for years

Sundance Review: HIGH School

What's really a shame about HIGH School is that it's such a crowdpleaser for a large crowd, but is probably best enjoyed with some sort of illegal substance in every audience member's hand

Sundance Review: Lovers Of Hate

The slapstick and closing-doors farce elements of Lovers of Hate make it ripe for a mainstream Hollywood remake, which would inevitably iron out all the film's nuances, but might also inspire more people to track down this tiny and clever movie

Exclusive Sundance Interview: Alex Gibney

Casino Jack comes out in theaters later this year, so I'll run our full 20-minute conversation then; in the meantime watch a 5-minute excerpt in which Gibney explains why Abramoff is still relevant and his role as a different kind of criminal

Blue Valentine Picked Up For Release By Weinstein Co.

Apparently the Weinsteins believe they can launch an Oscar campaign for Michelle Williams' performance, which is a dead-on strategy-- she's amazing in the film, overcoming a weakly drawn character

Drunk History Takes Top Sundance Shorts Prize

Short films don't really get a lot of buzz at Sundance-- there's a lot of other stuff to drown it out, of course-- but the one short I've consistently been hearing about is "Drunk History," in which Will Ferrell and Don Cheadle re-enact history after a few bottles of wine

Sundance Review: Mother And Child

As the movie pulled hard on the reins to jerk the tears out of its audience in the last half hour, I was definitely one of few people with dry eyes in the house, but I can't have been the only one who felt thoroughly manipulated

Sundance's Hesher Picked Up For Distribution By Newmarket

The lucky buyer is Newmarket FIlms, a small indie company that usually distributes movies you don't hear about, but also has Passion of the Christ and Donnie Darko to its name

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