Sundance Interview: Rashida Jones And Will McCormack Revive Rom-Coms In Celeste And Jesse Forever
It was a great year for romantic comedies at Sundance, and one of the early standouts was Celeste and Jesse Forever, a story of a breakup that was also kind of about love, as a young couple in the middle of a divorce (Rashida Jones and Andy Samberg) attempt to stay friends
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Sundance Distribution Guide: Which Festival Hits You'll Be Seeing And When
If you follow Sundance buzz from afar, it can be impossible to know which films to pay attention to. Sure, every critic you follow on twitter may go crazy over a documentary like Room 237, but will you ever have a chance to see it? Does the fact that people are predicting an Oscar nomination for Richard Gere in Arbitrage mean it will ever actually happen?
Sundance Video Blog: Wrapping Things Up
Park City, Utah has gone back to its usual state of being a quiet ski town, all the industry movers and shakers are back in New York and LA, and even the scruffy journalists like me who stuck through the festival until the bitter end have gone back home. The Sundance Film Festival is officially over
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Top Sundance Prizes Go To Beasts Of the Southern Wild, The House I Live In, And More
On Saturday night at an awards ceremony that was pinch-hit hosted by Katie Aselton when Parker Posey dropped out, the awards for the 2012 Sundance Film Festival were handed out to a wide variety of winners, including many films that had been obvious festival favorites from the beginnin
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Sundance Review: Save The Date Is A Honest And Touching Spin On The Rom-Com
Featuring strong performances from both leads Lizzy Caplan and Alison Brie, along with lovely supporting work from their male suitors Martin Starr, Geoffrey Arendt and Mark Webber, the movie treads the familiar ground of love and family while telling a uniquely layered story of its own
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Sundance Video Interview: Black Rock's Kate Bosworth, Lake Bell And Katie Aselton
In Black Rock Aselton, Bell and Bosworth play three childhood friends who travel to a remote Maine island for a reunion, only to find their trip completely derailed by an accident that leads to them being hunted down by some off-kilter hunters bent on revenge
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Sundance Video Blog And Reviews: Safety Not Guaranteed And Compliance
With just two days left to go at Sundance, it's not so much about seeing new movies as it is finally writing about the ones you've already seen. So with a slow day of movies ahead of us, Matt Patches and I recorded a video blog this morning outside the Library Theater, after we'd been turned away from a screening that apparently we showed up too late for
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Operation Kino Podcast #47: The Grey Reviewed And The Sundance Film Festival Discussed
This week on Operation Kino, it's something of a miracle that we exist at all. The episode is taking a different format this week, with just two segments-- first up is our review of The Grey, and then Patches and Katey join special guest Eric D. Snider for an update from the Sundance Film Festival
Sundance Reviews: The House I Live In, Under African Skies And Room 237
I have at least managed to catch a handful of documentaries, all of them pretty terrific and likely to be picked up for your viewing soon enough. All of them tackle relatively big and serious issues, from apartheid-era South Africa to the war on drugs to the question or whether or not Stanley Kubrick faked the moon landing (really!)
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Sundance Review: John Hawkes And Helen Hunt Dazzle In Festival Hit The Surrogate
The magnetic character actor known for back-to-back Sundance hits Winter's Bone and Martha Marcy May Marlene and has once again taken over the festival, though at last with a lead performance. He gives a fiercely committed and physically draining performance as Mark O'Brien, the Berkeley journalist and poet who, after contracting polio at age 6, spent the bulk of his life inside an iron lung
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Sundance Video Blog And Reviews: Sleepwalk With Me And Smashed
We're officially on the down slope of the Sundance Film Festival, and it shows-- Main Street is easy to navigate, screenings are easier to get into, and I swear even the wifi is faster. This morning Matt Patches and I saw a movie together at the Library Theater, and stepped into the field of snow next door to record our newest video blog
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Tim & Eric And Will Forte Talk Taking Over Sundance And Embarrassing Their Parents
It really is possible to make something that's weird even by Sundance standards, and who better than Tim Heidecker and Eric Wareheim to pull that off? The comedy team known usually as just Tim & Eric have made the leap from online comedy gods to feature filmmakers with Tim & Eric's Billion Dollar Movie, which premiered here ahead of its VOD and theatrical release later this spring
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Sundance Reviews: Black Rock, Bachelorette, And For A Good Time Call Put Women Up Front
Sundance is always a home for voices in film that don't often otherwise get heard, but this year in particular seems like a great one for women, whether they're following in the footsteps of Bridesmaids or not. I still haven't managed to catch one of the biggest female-led films, the Alison Brie and Lizzy Caplan-starring Save the Date, but here are reviews of three others
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Julie Delpy To Retire From Acting
This may mean the end of a follow-up to Before Sunset, but there's some solace for fans that Delpy at least plans to continue as a filmmaker if not an actress. Delpy's best-known effort as a writer-director is the 2007 romantic dramedy 2 Days in Paris, in which she starred opposite Adam Goldberg as a intercultural (French and American) couple who experiences a relationship-rattling culture clash when they visit the woman's parents.
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Sundance Video Blog #4: The Surrogate, For A Good Time Call, And More Reviews
If I do say so myself this is probably the most scenic video we've done yet-- we stepped out onto a balcony on the second floor of the Marriott, which serves as headquarters for the festival and houses the most easily accessible Starbucks in town, which automatically makes it the most important place in Park City. As you can tell, it also is surrounded by some lovely trees
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Sundance Video Blog #3: Celeste And Jesse, The Raid, And A Huge Blizzard
Saturday was hands-down the worst weather I'd ever seen in Park City. The day started off with heavy snow and pretty much never let up, which made every single shuttle bus-- the crucial link to getting anywhere in town-- slow to a crawl, and walking down even the slightest incline a major challenge
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Spike Lee Brings Brooklyn To Sundance In Shaggy But Powerful Red Hook Summer
Stalking up onstage with the microphone in hand Lee had something of a preacher about him, which he may have picked up making Red Hook Summer, which is an odd combination of coming-of-age story and deeply emotional examination of the role of the church and God in the black community
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Sundance Sneak Peek: Richard Gere Dominates In Two Arbitrage Clips
Following the Saturday night world premiere of writer-director Nicholas Jarecki's Arbitrage, Richard Gere is garnering major buzz for his role as an amoral hedge fund trader. The thriller, which co-stars Tim Roth and Susan Sarandon, centers on Robert Miller (Gere), an American man who is in many ways a symbol of American patriarchy
The Words, Black Rock Among The First Sundance Acquisitions
The festival's first pickup happened when things had barely begun, when Sony Pictures Classics picked up the documentary Searching for Sugar Man, which screened for the press on Thursday night. The story of "the greatest ’70s U.S. rock icon who never was"
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Sundance Sneak Peek: Mike Birbiglia's Sleepwalk With Me Clip
Produced in part by This American Life host Ira Glass, Sleepwalk with Me lays bare many of Birbiglia's biggest issues, namely his fear of marriage and his sometimes dangerous habit of sleepwalking. Avid listeners to This American Life are well versed in both, as Birbiglia is a recurring contributor to the weekly radio show/podcast that explores in detail various aspects of modern American life.

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