Why Adele Turned Down The Super Bowl
The Super Bowl has made some major headlines in recent years for signing on major pop singers like Katy Perry and Bruno Mars to headline the halftime show. It seems that this year, the big production hoped to land another huge singer: Adele.
The TV Series Fox Has Chosen To Air After The Super Bowl
Last week, the networks finally started sending out the remaining cancellation and renewal orders for the series. Now that we know what’s in and what’s out, this week, the networks have started to cement their lineups for the 2016-2017 season. Fox, in particular, seems to be looking really far ahead.
The Perfect Way Budweiser Responded To Peyton Manning's Super Bowl Speech
When winning quarterback Peyton Manning mentioned his desire to drink a lot of Budweiser after his Super Bowl win on Sunday night, people started talking about what seemed like an obvious promotional ploy. But, it looks like the good folks at Budweiser would like to set all those tongue wagers straight.
Watch Eli Manning's Indifferent Reaction To Peyton's Super Bowl Win
Super Bowl 50 was an evening of immense emotions, however, there’s one person who seemingly felt absolutely nothing when Peyton Manning won this year: Eli Manning.
The Super Bowl Halftime Show Is Better As An Ensemble
The Super Bowl Halftime Show just happened, and if the Twitter response is any indication, everyone was collectively pretty happy-- a solid 8/10. That’s actually great for a Super Bowl Halftime Show. And I think I know why: it was a true ensemble in every sense of the word.
The Gods Of Egypt Super Bowl Spot Dropped Early, Check It Out
Lionsgate decided to jump the gun a bit and drop their Super Bowl trailer for Gods of Egypt a day early. Check it out for yourself.
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Watch Budweiser Take Shots At Microbreweries In New Super Bowl Commercial
Budweiser's popularity has helped make its creative and frequently heart-tugging Super Bowl commercials ones to look out for every year. One of this year’s offerings is taking a slightly different tone by hitting back at the microbrewery trend and trying to show themselves as the superior beer.
Watch Coldplay's Chris Martin Drop An F-Bomb On Live TV
Coldplay is headlining the Super Bowl halftime show this year, and lead singer Chris Martin stepped in front of the cameras to say a few words. Unfortunately for the censors, however, not all of those words were family friendly. Check it out!
Watch Conan O'Brien Hilariously Play Doom
Conan O’Brien has rolled out his latest “Clueless Gamer” video, this time taking on upcoming Doom with the help of a couple gentlemen who will be going toe-to-toe in the Super Bowl this coming Sunday. As you can probably guess, the results are pretty entertaining.
Why Watch The Super Bowl When You Could Watch The Video Game-Themed Square Bowl?
Put together for a 48-hour streaming charity event in connection with Able Gamers, developers from various indie games will be live-streaming a complete play-through of the 1999 RPG, Final Fantasy VIII during the Super Bowl weekend.
Eddie The Eagle Gets Raves From NFL Superstars In New Super Bowl TV Spot
While the Super Bowl will be chocked full of new movie trailers this weekend, all those will do is give you an impression of whether a movie might be good. Another film has already shown the film to some people and they’re more than happy to tell you how good the movie actually is.
Movie News
Watch Willem Dafoe Channel His Inner Marilyn Monroe In Super Bowl Snickers Commercial
Over the years, Snickers has been responsible for producing some of the funniest commercials on TV, and they've done it yet again with Willem Dafoe getting his Marilyn Monroe on.
The New Mountain Dew Ad May Be The Creepiest Thing Ever
The Super Bowl is a massive event in American culture on more fronts than just football. The commercials during the game on Super Bowl Sunday can always be counted on for entertainment. Well, the new Mountain Dew commercial for the Super Bowl certainly is creative, but it’s also super creepy. Check it out…if you dare.
Watch Ryan Reynolds Clone Himself For A Super Bowl Ad
For some of us, however, the real highlights of Super Bowl Sunday each year are the commercials. Hyundai has beaten most other advertisers to the punch by releasing its big commercial ahead of time featuring Ryan Reynolds as we’ve never seen him before.
Watch The NSFW PETA Commercial That Was Banned For Being Too Sexual
This year, for the 2016 Super Bowl advertisement season, PETA has amped things up a few notches, giving us a commercial that theorizes those who choose to be vegan have better sex. It’s pretty NSFW, hence why it got banned from the 2016 Super Bowl.
Get A Sneak Peak At The Pokemon Super Bowl Commercial
Nintendo has invested big money to run an ad during the upcoming Super Bowl event to celebrate 20 years of Pokemon – be it the action figures, the trading cards, the television cartoon or the handheld and console video games. The ad is only a minute long and doesn't show any games or gameplay footage whatsoever.
Coldplay Will Play The Super Bowl 50 Halftime Show
Well, it’s been a while since the NFL and CBS started putting together a shortlist for artists being sought to take over the halftime show at next year’s Super Bowl 50. And it seems like it’s finally been whittled down to just one act.
Stephen Colbert To Become The First Late Night Host To Nab The Post-Super Bowl Slot
CBS hasn’t been quick over the last two months to announce which show will air in the coveted post-Super Bowl slot. With a few months until Super Bowl 50 hits the schedule, it seemed likely the network would announce sooner rather than later.
Super Bowl 50 May Have Found Its Halftime Act
Ah, the Super Bowl. Now is the time of year when speculation starts to swirl around the interwebs regarding what musical act will play the Halftime Show of the event, and it appears there's a particular band up for the gig.
The NFL Wants Bruno Mars For The Super Bowl Halftime Show, Again
Ever since the NFL started bringing in headliner musicians to perform the Super Bowl halftime shows, they have aimed for different artists from one year to the next. Yet for the landmark Super Bowl 50, it looks like the NFL wants to see a repeat performance from Bruno Mars.

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