SXSW: John C. Reilly Dates Jonah Hill's Mom In Cyrus
John's life has stalled. He still hasn't recovered from his divorce from Jamie, despite her already having found a new guy. She talks him into reluctantly coming to a party with her and the new beau, hoping maybe he'll start meeting people and move on with his life
SXSW Interview: The Duplass Brothers Talk Cyrus
The Duplass Brothers haven't made many movies the average movie-goer has probably heard of. The Puffy Chair and Baghead made an impression on the indie scene and established the brothers' passion for odd characters and situations fixated in, as they call it, "epically small" situations
SXSW Interview: Barry Munday's Patrick Wilson
While actor Patrick Wilson has put in memorable turns in films such as Watchmen and Hard Candy, he hasn't done much comedy yet. That may change if Barry Munday eventually makes its way into theaters
SXSW Interview: Barry Munday Writer-Director Chris D'Arienzo
Chris D'Arienzo knows how to make a good first impression. For his feature debut, D'Arienzo adapted Frank Turner Hollon's 2003 novel, Life is a Strange Place, into the comedy Barry Munday
SXSW Interview: Barry Munday's Judy Greer
When you meet Judy Greer, it's hard not to appreciate the sacrifices of vanity she made for her role as Ginger Farley in Barry Munday. As the shrewish, recently deflowered Ginger, Greer hides behind an explosion of curly hair, thick glasses, and plentiful antisocial tendencies
SXSW In Photos: Kristen Stewart And Dakota Fanning Rock The Runaways Premiere
The Runaways cast and crew descended on Austin tonight to celebrate the premiere of their rock and roll movie in during SXSW. On hand were Kristen Stewart, Dakota Fanning, and director Floria Sigismondi along with original Runaways
SXSW Interview: Barry Munday's Chloe Sevigny
Chloe Sevigny has certainly made her mark on Hollywood, from controversial turns in Boys Don't Cry and The Brown Bunny to her continuing role as polygamist wife Nicolette on HBO's Big Love
SXSW Interview: Tim  Blake Nelson And Edward Norton Talk Leaves Of Grass
Tim Blake Nelson may have played his share of buffoons and goobers during his career, but one thing becomes apparent after listening to him talk about his new film, Leaves of Grass: dude is scary smart
SXSW: Michael Caine Exacts Old Man Vengeance In Harry Brown
It’s hard to watch Harry Brown and not think of Gran Torino, but where Eastwood’s movie is subtle and emotional Michael Caine’s is pure, stripped-down, vengeance. He plays Harry Brown, an ex-badass
SXSW Film Festival Awards 2010 Prizes
The SXSW Film Festival continues on until Saturday, but tonight the Austin film festival announced its 2010 batch of awards. As always, even though I’ve been running around the festival like a madman cramming
SXSW: Community's Britta Wins Hearts In Helena From The Wedding
Helena From the Wedding could have been another forgettable indie-movie in which a bunch of characters are thrown together in a cabin to interact. The premise is a staple of under-talented would-be filmmakers without a budget
SXSW: Aliens Attack America In Monsters
Monsters is a strange jumble of different styles and ideas, most of which never fully work. It’s Mumblecore meets Apocalypse Now meets Jurassic Park meets Cloverfield
SXSW Review: MacGruber's Not A Friggin Genius
MacGruber is not, even for a second, half as clever as the SNL sketches it’s based upon. Instead it’s an unending string of easy scatological jokes which, despite being easy, it executes really, really well
SXSW: Have Your Perceptions Changed By American: The Bill Hicks Story
The UK filmmakers responsible for American: The Bill Hicks Story explain their film’s title as a question, a question they hope people will ask when they see it on the poster. Though almost without a doubt one of the greates
SXSW: The People vs. George Lucas Helps Us Heal
The scene outside the Alamo Drafthouse Saturday night was about what you'd expect for the world premiere of a new project about Star Wars. Long lines. Stormtroopers working security.
SXSW: Barry Munday Learns To Love Without His Balls
During our SXSW interview with Barry Munday star Patrick Wilson, the actor described Barry like this: "He's not a bad guy. He's definitely douchey. He's just kind of a boner."
SXSW: Matt Reeves Explains His Let The Right One In Remake
Remaking a beloved movie is never easy, and it gets even harder when your fans are as passionate as the ones who’ve seen the amazing, cult-hit Swedish movie Let the Right One In. Cloverfield director Matt Reeve
SXSW In Photos: See The Kick-Ass Cast Suited Up On The Red Carpet
Kick-Ass was the opening night movie here in Austin at SXSW 2010, and the cast was there in support of what’s turning into one of the year’s most eagerly anticipated movies. Check out the images
SXSW Rant: Horror Directors Offended By Nudity, Love Gratuitous Violence
Something really strange happened during SXSW’s Directing the Dead panel this weekend, and I’m not talking about the fact that Quentin Tarantino and Eli Roth bailed on it at the last minute. Horror directors
SXSW In Photos: Carla Gugino, Malin Akerman And The Porny Babes Of Elektra Luxx
The cast of Elektra Luxx, Carla Gugino’s porn star movie, took to the red carpet tonight in Austin at SXSW and we were there! Watch Carla Gugino, Malin Akerman, Adrianne Palicki, and Marley Shelton

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