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SXSW Wrap-Up: Brooklyn Castle, Audience Award Winners And Our Biggest Disappointments

As the SXSW team announced more Audience Award winners in various categories, I wanted to run through the last of the films I’d yet to write about in some detail, and also post the last two videos I shot with MovieHole columnist Adam Frazier. Conveniently, we discussed a couple of the films that took home Audience Award trophies this year

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SXSW Video Blog: The Do-Deca Pentathalon And Fat Kid Rules The World

As the 2012 South By Southwest Film Festival rolls on, Moviehole columnist Adam Frazier and I are starting to dig into the second tier films – the ones that come into this year’s festival looking for the level of buzz that’s already attached to The Raid, 21 Jump Street or The Cabin in the Woods.

SXSW: Gimme The Loot And Eden Lead This Year's Award Winners

“It’s been amazing this year to hear over and over again about the high range of quality across the board,” said Janet Pierson, Film Conference and Festival Producer. “I know I’m always going on about the great variety of our program, but this year it seems to have been embraced in even wider measure and it’s very exciting.”

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SXSW Video Blog: The Raid And Safety Not Guaranteed

Moviehole columnist Adam Frazier and I continue to weigh in on the South By Southwest film festival, jumping on camera whenever time allows to record quick video reactions to the various films programmed at this amazing Austin event

SXSW: Aubrey Plaza, Mark Duplass On Why Safety Not Guaranteed Isn't Really A Time Travel Movie

“To a certain extent, you understand that,” Duplass told me. “People like to do that stuff. But I think you do bring up a good point in that this is not a time travel film. This is a relationship movie seen through the prism of time travel, and the metaphor that time travel is."

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SXSW: Crowd-Pleasing Documentary Brooklyn Castle To Be Remade By Sony

Rudin, of course, produced the chess-themed Searching for Bobby Fischer back in 1993, which Steve Zaillian wrote and directed. The site notes that Cinetic Media, which closed the deal with Rudin, also is shopping for distribution. Wouldn’t it make sense for Sony to grab it, and maybe distribute it wide under Sony Pictures Classics? It’s an amazing doc, and one that’s generating great buzz at SXSW.

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SXSW: 21 Jump Street Thrills The Crowd At The Paramount Theatre

21 Jump Street opens Friday, and we have been banging the drum hard in support of this raucous comedy. This evening, our bandwagon just tripled as crowds streamed from the Paramount Theatre – where the film just held a South By Southwest premiere – and sang the movie’s praises. These are just a few of our favorite Tweets that blew up Twitter right after the screening.

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SXSW: The Raid, Compliance And The Festival's First Bomb

Here are quick hits on what I’ve seen since. I’ll start at the bottom and work my way up to the top, which means we begin with Frankie Goes Boom, my first -- and so far only -- bust of this year’s fest.

SXSW: Killer Joe Shocks, Safety Charms And Nature Calls

Colin Trevorrow’s Safety Not Guaranteed has been my festival favorite, by far. The open-hearted, snappy and sarcastic crowd-pleaser tells the off-beat story of three Seattle journalists investigating a loner (Mark Duplass) who takes out a classified ad seeking a partner for a time-travel mission. As the relationships unfold and the film’s strong emotional ties deepen, however, Safety become less about traveling through time and more about why individuals would choose to travel in the first place.

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SXSW: Cabin In The Woods Blows The Doors Off The Paramount Theatre

The Paramount crowd devoured the film. By the time the second act kicked into gear, the Paramount screening was starting to feel more like a party than a screening, with audiences anticipating the next twist. By the bombastic third act -- which truly must be seen to be believed -- Cabin had turned the Paramount into a revival tent, and we were all worshipping at the altar of the horror genre and all of its celebratory conventions.

SXSW Preview: 10 Films We're Battling Austin Traffic To See This Week

You can’t see everything. That’s the first reality everyone has to embrace before covering a film festival, particularly one that boasts as rich and diverse a schedule as South By Southwest. So Fat Kid Rules the World conflicts with Cabin in the Woods. One has to be sacrificed

Nazis In Space Movie Iron Sky Scores U.S. Distributor

The crowd-sourced action-comedy Iron Sky will make its Stateside debut this weekend at SXSW, but there's good news for those who can't make it to Austin. Entertainment One has finally secured Iron Sky's North American distribution rights, finalizing negotiations that began shortly after the wild feature's world premiere at the Berlin International Film Festival last month.

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Trailer, Clip And Poster For SXSW Doc Wonder Women!

In her latest documentary Wonder Women! The Untold Story of American Superheroines, filmmaker Kristy Guevara-Flanagan talks with TV's Wonder Woman Lynda Carter, The Bionic Woman Lindsay Wagner, second-wave feminism icon Gloria Steinem, and third-wave feminist/punk rocker Kathleen Hanna about this comic icon's influence on the American zeitgeist over the past 70 years...

Trailer For SXSW Drama In Our Nature

Writer/director Brian Savelson makes his feature film debut with In Our Nature, a drama that explores the tension wrought relationship between a father and his grown, estranged son. Zach Gilford, best known as Matt Saracen from the Emmy-winning series Friday Night Lights stars opposite Sucker Punch's Jena Malone as a young couple who heads to his family's cabin for a romantic weekend getaway...

Frankie Go Boom Poster Shows Ron Perlman Like You've Never Seen Him Before

Now Perlman has a storied history of wildly altering his physical appearance to fully embody his complicated characters. In the 1980s he memorably donned prosthetics and serious shoulder pads to play Vincent, the lion-faced lover in Beauty and the Beast. Then in the 00s' he took makeup to a whole new level to play the title character of the Hellboy movies, wearing shaved down horns, a gnarly arm piece and plenty of bright red body paint.

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