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Nic Cage And John Cusack Play It By The Books In The Frozen Ground Trailer

For a movie based on a real-life serial killer, The Frozen Ground’s trailer is amazingly bland and as colorless as the attractive snowy Alaskan backgrounds. Hudgens seems to be channeling her inner Brittany Murphy here, playing Cindy Paulson, a girl who escaped the clutches of killer Robert Hansen (Cusack).

50 Cent To Play An Alaskan Pimp In The Frozen Ground

Emmett says that Cent has moved a bunch of tour dates around to make sure he can be committed to the film, a gesture that proves he actually does care about making his career as an actor work and isn’t just there for a quick dollar. Get used to seeing him on screen, we’re going to get a lot of it in the next couple of years

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John Cusack And Nicolas Cage In Talks To Go Head-To-Head In The Frozen Ground

The number of similarities in the careers of John Cusack and Nicolas Cage is fairly surprising. Both got into the business at a young age, both come from families with a strong presence in the entertainment industry and both are immensity talented but occasionally find themselves taking on roles that should be below their standards.

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