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Why The Gunslinger’s Race Shouldn’t Matter To The Dark Tower, According To Idris Elba

Idris Elba has fought back against any Dark Tower fans that believe he isn't right to play The Gunslinger, insisting that race doesn't matter.

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The Dark Tower Set Photo Gives Us Best Look Yet At Idris Elba’s Gunslinger

The long in development Dark Tower movie is currently filming in New York City. While the only images we've seen so far have been unofficial, and thus, not very good, we now have our first close-up view of Idris Elba as The Gunslinger.

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The Dark Tower Is Officially Happening, With A Major Twist

The Dark Tower plans to begin shooting in the next few weeks, aiming for a January 13, 2017 release date. Are you excited to see Roland and his ka-tet finally making it to the big screen?

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The Dark Tower: What Stars Should Play Which Roles

While the first movie in The Dark Tower series hasn’t even been officially greenlit, the project is still moving forward like they’re expecting the call to get started any day now.

What Stephen King Really Thinks About Switching The Race Of A Dark Tower Character

Is Idris Elba the perfect Roland Deschain? Fans are likely divided on the matter, as is often the case when an actor is cast or being eyed to play a beloved literary character. The issue tends to be heightened even further when race plays a part, as is the case for the potential feature adaptation of Stephen King’s Dark Tower series.

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The Dark Tower Movie Isn't As Set In Stone As We'd Hoped

There have been numerous movies and TV series based on Stephen King stories. Through all of them, his magnum opus The Dark Tower has remained unadapted.

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Stephen King's The Dark Tower Trying Out A New Writer-Director

Stephen King’s Dark Tower saga stretched over seven main books that took him decades to write and publish. King’s own accident, when he was hit by a van while walking, inspired him to hunker down and finish the saga in 2003, so that he (and his fans) could have closure on Roland’s all-encompassing journey.

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Stephen King’s Dark Tower Is Officially Getting A Movie

The fate of Stephen King’s The Dark Tower has been decided! After years of false promises to make a film, an idea for a TV series that went nowhere and other failed attempts to adapt the property, the beloved fantasy series is making its way to theaters.

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James Mangold To Direct The Modern Western The Gunslinger

It was just on Tuesday - when it was revealed that the writers of Brokeback Mountain are currently writing two western scripts - that I began to get extremely giddy about the possible return of the

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Geek Reading: The Marvel Encyclopedia

As if asking you to watch YouTube videos wasn’t enough, we now proudly present Geek Reading. A weekly look into the world of words and what you should check out to scratch that itch. We’ll tell you what’s cool, you realize we’re geeks and make a decision accordingly. The only thing that can be promised is we’ll tell you about something. There are no guarantees we have good taste at all.

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