Patton Oswalt, Bob Odenkirk And Ian Roberts Join The Sci-Fi-Horror Comedy The Kitchen Sink
Directed by Robbie Pickering, the film's title comes from the fact that it's a mashup of multiple genre brands (as in the expression "everything but the kitchen sink"). The story follows a group of kids who are forced to unite with zombies and vampires and fight off a full-scale alien invasion.
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Denis Leary Joins Horror Comedy The Kitchen Sink, Vanessa Hudgens In Talks
Kitchen Sink, which has seen a good number of Zombieland comparisons in terms of tone, begins with an full-scale alien invasion in a small town. In order to take down the alien threat, a group of the town’s citizens team up with zombies and vampires. Leary is set to play one of the most affluent and intelligent people in town - though it seems he might not have the most palatable personality. Should she take the part, Hudgens would play – you guessed it – a popular teenager in danger.
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Nicholas Braun And Mackenzie Davis In Talks For Horror-Comedy Kitchen Sink
A common enemy often brings together unexpected allies. It was a common enemy of invading alien forces in Independence Day that united the world toward a common goal of saving Earth from the clutches of cruel extraterrestrials. And it's aliens that spur unlikely bedfellows in the upcoming horror-comedy The Kitchen Sink.
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Zombie-Alien-Vampire Mashup The Kitchen Sink Finds A Director
It would seem that Jonah Hill is not quite ready to jump into the directing world just yet. While the comedian has taken major steps forward in his career recently, producing and co-writing 21 Jump Street and earning his first Oscar nomination for his performance in Moneyball, he's apparently not going to be helming a project himself any time soon, as he has been replaced as the director on The Kitchen Sink.
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Jonah Hill Hops In The Director's Chair For The Kitchen Sink
Featured on the 2010 Black List - a list of the most liked unproduced scripts from a given year - the film is about a teenage vampire, zombie and human who decide to team up in order to stop an alien invasion. The script was written by Oren Uziel, who given the pen for theMortal Kombat reboot last year.
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