Operation Kino 104: Defending The Smurfs And Offensive Humor
This week Katey and Dave have doubleheader tidbit talk about NBC and HBO's Girls, Patches defends his love of The Smurfs, and the guys get into a conversation about what makes some humor offensive. All that plus a lightning round inspired by the DVD release of Wreck-It Ralph
Smurfs 3 Already In Development
If you don't have kids, odds are you never saw the first Smurfs film and probably never will. If you do have kids, you might have taken them to see it out of your own nostalgia for the 80s cartoon, and of course, the constant need to entertain them with something
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Smurfs Writers Get Called Back For The Sequel
I really didn't like The Smurfs. In addition to being insipid and stupid, it was, as I said in my review, "so completely lifeless it never manages to justify its own existence." That said, I do think that a studio could make a good Smurfs movie. All they would have to do is stick to what made the characters great in the first place and refuse to modernize them for a "young, hip crowd."
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Summer 2011 Winners And Losers
The biggest blockbuster movie going season of the year often has implications beyond the numbers, so here we are to break down who came out of the summer smelling like a rose, and who came out Ryan Reynolds. These are the biggest winners and losers of Summer 2011, as we see them.
The Smurfs 2 Already Has An August 2013 Release Date, But No Confirmed Cast
America, you must now reap what you sowed. The Smurfs is standing tall at the box office, with $128 million worldwide after just 2 weeks in release, despite the fact that it was critically loathed and is a blatant, pandering attempt to mine the 80s for nostalgic cash
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Weekend Box Office - Apes Rise To The Top
How many monkeys...sorry, apes...does it take to make a Planet of the Apes prequel? About $93 million worth. And that's a small price tag for a movie where a vast majority of the shots include at least one, and often dozens, of CGI chimps, gorillas or orangutans. And it's partly thanks to that relatively modest budget that Rise of the Planet of the Apes can expect to become a profitable movie this summer. The film banked a solid $54 million as the number one entry this weekend.
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Weekend Box Office - Smurfs Showdown Against Cowboys & Aliens
Cowboys & Aliens split the number one spot with The Smurfs in early weekend estimates. Both films banked around $36 million, but until official numbers are released on Monday the only losers are the audiences who paid to sit through either of the mediocre new releases.
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Exclusive Interview: The Smurfs' Neil Patrick Harris
Who doesn’t love Neil Patrick Harris? Whether you know him as a child star on the Doogie Howser, M.D., the ridiculous drug addict in the Harold and Kumar movies, the womanizing and legen-wait for it-dary Barney Stinson on How I Met Your Mother or simply from his hosting duties at both the Emmys and the Tonys, the guy has proven to wide audiences time and time again that he is the epitome of awesome.
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This Rotten Week: Predicting Cowboys & Aliens, Steve Carell Comedy, And Smurf Reviews
Have you spent all of your hard-earned money at the movie theater this summer? Has the box office drained your wallet? I hope not because Hollywood is nothing if not persistent. The bigwigs will get people to see anything. Aliens fighting cowboys in the Old West? Sure, put it up on screen. A cartoon about blue midgets from the 1980s? Greenlight it!
Video Interview: The Smurfs Director Raja Gosnell And Producer Jordan Kerner
A few weeks back I had the chance to visit Sony Pictures animation, and when I wasn't deforming Smurfs using an animation program or making Clumsy Smurf curse up a storm as he ran away from a dog, I was talking to the people responsible for bringing the long-beloved characters to the silver screen.
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My Day At Sony Animation Or: How I Spent A Few Hours Torturing A Smurf
As obsessed with cartoons as I was, however, and as much time that I spent illustrating and impersonating the characters, there was an underlying truth: I really sucked at it. All of my drawings with totally out of proportion and I could hardly draw a straight line. Even Oblina from Aaahh!!! Real Monsters, who is basically an upside-down black-and-white candy cane with eyes, was beyond my skills.
Video Interview: The Smurfs' Hank Azaria And Jayma Mays
I can't imagine being a voice-over actor is easy. While some people dismiss it as being paid to stand in a booth and speak into a microphone, a real voice actor fully envisions their character, the world around them and the people they're interacting all while trying to deliver their lines with proper cadence. On that same note, being a live-action character interacting with animated characters can't be easy either.
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The Smurfs Trailer: Stop Saying Smurf For Everything
The two Alvin and the Chipmunks movies and Enchanted were both huge family hits, so it was probably only a matter of time before the two would collide uncomfortably in a movie trying to mimic both of them. That movie seems to be The Smurfs
New Smurfs DVD Comes Just In Time For Movie Release
Which leads us to our newest Smurfs release—a 2 DVD set with 10 episodes and special features for $19.97 hitting the mark on July 19. This release seems to be a mash-up of the ideas for the original release and those that came after, with added special features like “Smurf Speak” and “Smurftastic Moments” meant to suck you in. The hope is probably people will run out and grab The Smurfs Volume 4: A Magical Smurf Adventure before they head to the new animated adventure The Smurfs, coming to theaters on July 29.
Smurfs Trailer Provides First Look At Gargamel And Is Nothing Like The Holocaust
There’s a new, full-length trailer for The Smurfs and in addition to giving us a more in-depth look at the movie’s story, it also provides our first look at the great Hank Azaria as Gargamel. The movie seems a lot like the Chipmunks live-action films, with Neil Patrick Harris in the Jason Lee role
New Smurfs Image Sadly Reminds Us That It's Still On The Way
It was all the way back in June that the first teaser trailer for The Smurfs came online and boiled my blood. Everything about it was cliched, trite and shitty - easily the worst trailer of the year
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New Smurfs Poster Takes Over The Top Of The Rock
With Yogi Bear out in theaters today, it's time to look forward to the next CGI/live-action hybrid adaptation of something from your childhood that you never asked for: The Smurfs
First Image Of Smurfette From The New Smurfs Movie
As bloodcurdlingly awful the trailers have been for the upcoming Yogi Bear, there are few trailer from this year that did more to crush my hopes, dreams and spirit more than the teaser for The Smurfs. Between the
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Troll Dolls Bringing Don King Hair Back To Big Screen
If there exists an old toy or cartoon (or preferably both) lying around, some writer will come up with a way to cram it on to the big screen
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The Teaser Trailer For The Smurfs Will Crush Your Soul
The video couldn't be any more awful or typical if it tried. There is a dramatic voice-over, white-on-black title cards, "Wild Thing" by Tone Loc, and views of monuments around the world. Oh, and all of

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