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The Voices Trailer: Watch Ryan Reynolds Receive Orders To Kill From A Cat

Watch the new trailer for the Marjane Satrapi film, The Voices exploring a different type of serial killer as a seemingly innocent Ryan Reynolds is forced to do evil by his two sadistic pets.

The Fear Monger: Ryan Reynolds Is Insane, And The Chupacabra Is Hungry

High-profile horror comedies are more prevalent now than ever, and Persepolis co-director Marjane Satrapi’s The Voices sounds like it could be one of the best, or at least the strangest. If nothing else, the most Ryan Reynolds-iest.

Ryan Reynolds May Go A Bit Nuts In Psychological Thriller The Voices

It's been a fairly quiet year for Ryan Reynolds, but that may just be because of how loud 2011 was. Last summer he had his big chance at a breakout, starring in Green Lantern and The Change Up, but neither of those films were able to do what they were expected to do at the box office.

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Is Ben Stiller Starring In The Dark Comedy The Voices?

Even though the main character is written as a 29-year-old, apparently Ben Stiller is up for the part, a guy who accidentally kills a co-worker and then gets advice from his pets on how to cover up the murder

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