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A Politician Made A Top Gun Parody Commercial And His Opponent Should Just Concede The Election

I don't know anything about Congressional hopeful Dan Helmer. He could be the next Abe Lincoln. He could the next Councilman Jamm.

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How Tom Cruise Is Training For Top Gun 2

Tom Cruise feels the need, the need for speed, yet again. Read on to see how he's preparing for his return to the world of Top Gun.

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Will Top Gun 2 Have A Volleyball Scene? Here's What Tom Cruise Says

There are a lot of iconic moments from eighties films, and at a few of them come from the famous Tony Scott movie Top Gun. But will they be in Top Gun 2?

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Val Kilmer Really Wants A Role In Top Gun: Maverick

Now, that we know that movie is in the works, it's no real surprise that some former Top Gun cast members are, well, gunning for roles in the new project.

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Watch Tom Cruise and Zac Efron Reenact The Top Gun Handshake

I hope that Zac Efron has a rosier fate than the last person who hand-slapped Tom Cruise like that, because as you likely know, Goose (Anthony Edwards)... let's just say he won't be around for the sequel.

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What Top Gun's Director Was Thinking When He Shot The Famed Volleyball Scene

Top Gun is a movie about cocky fighter pilots in jets shooting missiles at things, as such, it's very much viewed as a "manly" movie, but there's this one scene...

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The Top Gun Actor Who Is Already Ready To Rejoin Tom Cruise For Top Gun 2

Tom Cruise recently announced that Top Gun 2 is officially happening, and one actor from the first film is already feeling the need...the need for speed. Hit the jump to find out who's suiting up to hit the skies!

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The Top Gun Sequel Is A Bad Idea, Here's Why

Top Gun is a bonafide action classic, but it doesn't need a sequel. Here's why Top Gun 2 is a bad idea.

Is Top Gun 2 Actually Happening? Here’s What Tom Cruise Says

Tom Cruise finally sets the record straight on whether or not Top Gun 2 is happening.

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How Val Kilmer Felt About Tom Cruise While Shooting Top Gun

Top Gun is still one of the more popular movies ever made by two of its stars, Tom Cruise and Val Kilmer. The two played rivals on the set, but how did the actual actors get along while making the film?

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14 Awesome Movies You Need To Watch Before They Leave Netflix In December

The last Netflix cull of 2016 is upon us, so now's a good time to get around to those movies you've been putting off in your queue. Read on for the full list, and plan your week accordingly.

Why Goose Had To Die In Top Gun, According To Anthony Edwards

Anthony Edwards recently addressed the importance of Goose's death during the events of Tony Scott's Top Gun. Here's what he had to say.

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Watch Tom Cruise Recreate His Biggest Movie Roles In Nine Minutes

Tom Cruise has been in some great movies. Like, a lot of them. If somehow you don't believe that, check out every single one.

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Tom Cruise Says His Top Gun Training Involved Vomiting, Choking And A Pilot Named Bozo

Tom Cruise recently revealed that his first flight as Maverick was not the most pleasant experience. Here's what he had to say.

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Quiz: Guess The Tom Cruise Movie From Just One Image

Whether he's leading an action movie or showing off his acting abilities in a drama, Tom Cruise delivers the goods. If you're a fan of movies, odds are, you've seen more than a few of his. But just how well will you recognize them from just one picture? Take our quiz to find out.

The Awesome Perk That Sold Tom Cruise On Starring In Top Gun, According To Jerry Bruckheimer

Top Gun has become such a classic film at this point that it’s difficult to believe that it was difficult to get the actor they wanted to star in it. Apparently, Tom Crusie wasn't always excited about flying jets.

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Is Top Gun 2 Still Happening? Here's What We Know

A sequel to the 1986 Top Gun has been a topic of conversation for years. Recently the talk has appeared to heat up, implying that the sequel may be flying its way in our direction sooner rather than later.

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The 25 Films The National Film Registry Has Chosen To Preserve For 2015

Every year the National Film Registry strikes a blow for the preservation of culturally significant films, singling out 25 to be saved from the ravages of time, and now the 2015 list is out.

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Watch A Sports Anchor Hilariously Recreate Iconic Top Gun Scene With Nudists

If somebody asked you to cover a special interest story at a nudist camp you might think of several different ways to do it. But apparently one of those ways includes Top Gun.

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Tom Cruise's 10 Best Characters, Ranked

Tom Cruise has been one of our favorite movie stars for decades. With the release of his latest film, Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation, we thought it was high time that we count down our favorite Cruise roles.

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